Frenchwood's Friday Focus

December 11, 2015

NOW is the time for your opinion to count!

TEA has released proposed legislation governing the T-TESS. Please review and submit your comments. This ruling will directly effect your teacher evaluation starting next school year.

Summary: The proposed repeal and new rules would reflect changes to the state-recommended teacher appraisal system by replacing the current state-recommended teacher appraisal system, the Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS), effective July 1, 2016, with a new state-recommended teacher appraisal system, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS).

Public Comment Period: December 11, 2015 - January 11, 2016.

Earliest Possible Date of Adoption: January 11, 2016.

Proposed Effective Date: July 1, 2016.

Please see the TEA website to view proposed commissioner of education rules.

You may submit comments on the proposed rule to

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Student Survey: December 2nd - December 18th

Parent Survey: December 1st - January 31st

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Focus on the Future


7:30 Staff Christmas Party @ Bull and Bear


7:55 6th SIOP EPT

9:00 West Oaks Nursing Home Holiday Visit

2:00 Dual Language Play

11:00 - 1:30 Lunch and Learn with Life Ins. Co. of the Southwest

Miller Walking Club


7:55 5th SIOP EPT

12:00 West Oaks Mall Performance


2:30 & 6:30 Choir Performance

Miller Walking Club


9:30 Choir Performance

Last Day of Grading Period

Let the Holiday Break Begin!