South Carolina

"were all youll ever need "

south carolina history

south carolina was settled by the english in 1670 became the 8th state to join the constitiution they were largely beneifiting from south caroina fertile soil so if your into farming this is the place for you.also south carolina was made of african descents made up two thirds of the colony due to slavery it has alot of museums about it full of history .perfect for the family/class.

Where is it located at?

South carolina is located on the altantic coast of north carolina.South Carolina was classify as being a southern colony the provindince of south carolina was rebellion over england south carolina was its own state till it decided to join the 12 other colonies including itself

what questions do be people ask

whats the state bird?-wild turkey

whats the state animal-white tailed deer

whats the state tree-cabbage palmetto

south carolina is beauiful

you should really come see the beaches are great inthe food is wonderul a great getaway trip
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