December 31, 2018

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R.E.A.L. Panthers


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Message from the Boss...


Wishing everyone a Happy 2019! Prayers for many blessings in the new year!

Teacher Work Day is Wednesday, January 2nd. A sign-in sheet will be in the office. Contract hours are 7:50-3:40. You will need to sign in to get credit for the day. You are welcome to work on report cards, lesson plans, meet as teams, and/or departments and get rooms ready for students to arrive on Thursday, January 3rd. It will be WHITE WEEK!

I will send out the R.E.A.L. Panther spreadsheet. Please add your students name to the spreadsheet. R.E.A.L. Panther Assemblies will be Jan. 17th and 18th.

Mrs. Morrow, Mrs. Sullivan and myself will be in and out of the building Wednesday for meetings at CAO. If you need us, please text or call.

Love you,

Casey Hanna



ALL grades MUST be entered, uploaded and saved by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 2nd. No exceptions.

Report cards will be printed first thing Thursday, January 3rd.

Much Thanks!

Semester Reporting Deadlines

The grading schedule for marking period 2 should be as follows:

December 18th- End of the marking period

January 2nd- all grades/scores entered into the gradebooks and loaded by the end of the day

January 7th- report cards will be sent home for grades K-12

Money, Money, Money

Please turn in any and all money in the mornings. Please make a habit of asking students during 1st period to turn in any money.

Money turned in at the end of the day has to be counted, cash count completed, verified twice and taken to the bank... this is such a long process for end of the day.

** With recent audits, changes are being made on how we handle accounts, money and budgets. As a school and a district we HAVE to follow the rules and guidelines that the STATE AUDITORS set for us. No Exceptions! Thank you for your understanding and corporation.**

R.E.A.L. Panther Teacher/Staff Nomination Form

Here is the link to be able to nominate teachers and/or staff members for R.E.A.L. Panther!


Cooler weather seems to have arrived, and cold weather will soon be the norm. Keep a watch for students that are coming to school each day without an appropriate jacket/coat, socks, and/or shoes. Please make sure that you contact Mrs. True, Mrs. Terrell or myself to get proper weather attire.


Please remember to notify the cafeteria manager of any field trips that will be taking kiddos out of lunches so I can make the appropriate changes to our counts.

Also IF sack lunches will be needed the cafeteria manager needs to know approximately how many will need a lunch- including bus drivers and teachers at least 3 weeks before the field trip to order in sack lunch foods.

The morning of the field trip or the day before a field trip a final count and the names of those receiving the lunch will be needed. This is for accounting purposes and allergies.

Thanks so much!


Field Trips have been opened up. There is a limit to the number of busses that can leave for the day, so dates are on a first come first serve basis. Here are a couple of guidelines:

**Field Trips need to be requested as normal. Please make sure the correct date format is used. For example, 01/01/2019. We need accurate counts for students and teachers. Please do not estimate. We need to be notified at least a week in advance of any changes to the number of riders.

**We are only able to provide five drivers per day. Once we have reached our limit for a particular day, field trips will be closed.

**Trips should be scheduled to leave no earlier than 8:30AM. ALL trips should return to the school before 2:00PM. These times will allow for potential traffic delays.

**Incidental fees (i.e. Entrance or admittance fees) for drivers will be be covered by the school or a receipt(s) from the driver to be reimbursed will be sent to the building principal for processing.

**If more buses are requested than are needed and a driver has already been scheduled for the trip, the school will be responsible for the pay of the extra driver.

**Teachers/Sponsors are responsible for the behavior of the students while on the trip. Students and staff need to remain seated while the bus is moving.

**Teachers/Sponsors need to check the bus at the end of the trip to make sure their students have not left personal items, such as backpacks, instruments, cell phones, or trash on the bus.

Teacher Instructional Handbook

Here is the link for the Teacher Handbook. Let me know if you have any questions.


January 11

January 18

January 25

February 1

February 8

February 15

February 22

March 1

March 8

March 29

April 19

May 17 (last day of clubs)

NO clubs on Jan. 4 (short week), March 15 (no school), March 22 (no school), April 5 (ACT Aspire prep), April 12 (ACT Aspire), April 26 (Track and Field), May 3 (Track and Field Make Up), and May 10 (Space Day).


WHITE WEEK...January 3-4

RED WEEK...January 7-11

WHITE WEEK...January 14-18

RED WEEK...January 21-25

WHITE WEEK...January 28- February 1

RED WEEK...February 4-8

WHITE WEEK...February 11-15

RED WEEK...February 18-22

WHITE WEEK...February 25- March 1

RED WEEK...March 4-8

WHITE WEEK...March 11-15


RED WEEK...March 25-29

WHITE WEEK...April 1-5

RED WEEK...April 8-12

WHITE WEEK...April 15-19

RED WEEK...April 22-26

WHITE WEEK...April 29- May 3

RED WEEK...May 6-10

WHITE WEEK...May 13-17

RED WEEK...May 20-23

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2- Teacher Work Day

3- Students return

7-Faculty Meeting

Fire and Tornado Drill


17- 5th grade REAL Panther Assembly

18- 6th grade REAL Panther Assembly

17-18 One School One Book Kick-Off

21- No School

23- JHS Band Recruitment 7:50

25- G/T Southridge Village 8:30-10:00


1- Cabot Goes Red Day

4-7 ACT Aspire Interim Testing

4- IBand 3:20

Faculty Meeting

7- IBand 3:20

Fire and Tornado Drill

11- JHS Talks to 6th grade

12-13 JHS Schedules


18- No School

22- G/T Southridge Village 8:30-10:00

28- Spring Pictures


4- Faculty Meeting

5- Fire Drill

12- P/T Conferences

14- P/T conferences

15- No School

March 18-22 Spring Break

25-29 6th grade Bowling Unit- All-Fam Bowling during Essential Times

28- Team Pictures


1- Faculty Meeting

3- Fire Drill

4- 5th grade REAL Panther Assembly

5- 6th grade REAL Panther Assembly

April 8-12 ACT Aspire Testing

15- High School Flag Presentation 5th grade 9:00- 10:00 6th grade 1:30-2:30

24- Secretary's Day

25- 5th grade Track and Field

26- 5th grade PRIDE Celebration at Cabot High School

6th grade Track and Field


3- Fire Drill

Cafeteria Appreciation

6- Faculty Meeting

6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

10- Space Camp/Space Day

16- 5th grade REAL Panther Assembly

17- 6th grade REAL Panther Assembly

23- Last Day of School

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Getting signed up for Remind 101

For Teachers and Staff ONLY:

Text @cmssouth to 81010

For Parents and Guardians:

Text @mssparent to 81010