Health Advirsities

By: John Bull

Eleanor Roosevet

In 1921, Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with a severe case of polio. His wife, Eleanor was his main care giver through his sickness. She kept him alive as long as possible through his disease. While care giving, she was also able to become one of histories historic leaders with her philanthropy efforts.When Eleanor Roosevelt began the journey of becoming her husbands primary caregiver, she also became a political activist for her husband in his time away from office out of necessity. Along with these accomplishments, she also had philanthropy work that needed to be completed as well. Elanor Roosevelt was the wife of president Franklin Roosevelt. She was his primary care giver, political advisory and philanthropist. Despite the challenges of juggling all three, she was able to excel at all of these tasks leading up to her death in 1962. Her selflessness and commitment still stand as model behavior today.

Eula Hall

Eula Hall is famous for her care giving efforts despite having no official medical training she opened the Mud Creek Clinic, serving her entire small mountain towns medical needs. Her clinic ended up being destroyed in a fire. The clinic still stands in history as a monument to her work and dedication to the medical field. Eula Hall was without official medical training of any kind, yet she was able to open and run a successful practice in her small mountain town for all of its inhabitants. She relied on state funding to operate, as many of the patients she saw were as poor as herself. Before the practice was destroyed in a fire, it was able to serve and assist hundreds of residents.Eula Hall was a poor mountain living girl who had one passion in her life which was to aid in healing those who fell ill. Despite having no money, and having no official medical training of any kind, she was able to open a small clinic within her community to serve those who needed it most. The Mud Creek Clinic she opened still stands as a monument to anyone who admires her strong vision and dedication to serving those less fortunate.

Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed with MS at a young age. She joined the track team, excelling with the amount of practice that she put forth. She received a scholarship for her athletic abilities proving that physical disability does not need to hinder ones physical capabilities. Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed from an early age with severe MS, something she was told was prevent her from completing basic tasks such as walking. However, Kayla was determined to run, not only did she run, but she set records and even won a scholarship for her running that to this day stands as a testament to never give up, and fulfill your dreams despite the circumstances stacked against them. Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed during high-school with MS. She completely lost all feeling in her legs, and had no hope of ever walking again. However, through medication she was not only able to regain feeling in both legs, but mobility as well as the ability to run on her high school track team. Kayla overcame many obstacles for her success through hard work and dedication.