Jovita Robinson

What was the change?

In the middle ages the church controlled science. That changed when everyone started thinking for themsellves. This started a new way of thinking about the natural world. Which lead to improvements in medicine and scientific instruments. People started believing heliocentric, which is- planets revolved around the eart in an oval shape called "ellipticals". The scientific revolution gace alot of explantions. Such as the law of gravity and acceleration rates fixed. This was a huge change from the middle ages and it only continues.

Who were the people associated with that change?

Within the scientific revolution there were 4 specific scientist that made the changed. Nicolas Copernicus was the first scientist. Nicolas made the Heliocentric model. But doing this he recieved hate from the church because it was said he was going agasint their beliefs. Kepler the next scientist was jsut a step. He proved the "Heliocentric". Galileo the 3rd major, was a math professor. He made the belief that objects accelerate at a fixed rate, that heavy items & light items same fall rate. Galileo also improved the telescope. Which made a major impact in modern science. The last major scientist was Issac Newton. Newton created the universal law of gravity. Which was all objects in the universe attract. All 4 of these scientist were major impacts in the modern day.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The new theories & ideas upset the church. Church officials threated the scientist. They did this because they didn't want to loose power & followers. The church had out Galileo on house arrest because he refused to lie about his explanations. People went to scientist for explantions the church couldn't give at the time.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

Today in modern society we still use the theories and ideas of the society. We have new inventions based on the telescope, which is because of Galileo. Newton influenced philosphers, made the foundation for calculus,& made the 3 laws of motions-which we still use and have not changed. Kepler theory about planetary motion is what was Issac Newton's foundation. Copernicus made the foundation for Kepler. They were all steps for each other to reach what we have now.