By; Alayna Noel

Define the following words: friendship, trust, loyalty, and honor.

These words are qualities to a good friend. You want to have a friend you can trust, and a person who is loyal to you.

I see qualities like these when I'm with my friends. I can trust my friends and the are loyal to me. You may also see that after big disasters people come together and try to get though the tragic event together.

Trust is the most important because you need to be able to have a good foundation for a friendship and if you don't trust each other nothing else will matter.

When you tell someone something and they tell someone else even when you told them not to, is testing there trust and loyalty towards you. You must be truthful to your friendship and you can do this by always being loyal and never brake your trust with others. One trust is broken it will never fully be the same.

What are your thoughts regarding “rules.”

Rules are meant to keep everyone safe. You may think a rule is dumb or unfair but a rule is a rule and it is probably a rule for a reason.

There are lots of times when rules are necessary. Rule are made to keep people safe, like you should always wear a seat belt in the car, or you should text a walk. Rules should also be followed so you don't ruin stuff for others like, turn your phone off is the movies, or don't talk so loud that others can't speak.

Not all rules need to be followed at all time. Some rules are meant for different places. Other rules might seem like they are dumb and you shouldn't have to follow them, but most of the time rules aren't meant to ruin your fun they are there to make sure you have the best experience.

Rules should be made to keep people safe or so people can enjoy what ever they are doing. Other time rules could be made are so that you aren't disrespectful. Leaders should make rules because they know whats best for us.

Rules can be changed if it is complete unfair. Most rules are for your own good though.

There are laws that should be changed if they are unsafe to people and you can make more laws to protect people but also allow them to have fun.

Thought on Cheating?

I think cheating is wrong and that people who cheat are not real winners. People cheat so that they have an unfair advantage. There are people who will find ways around the rules which is also not okay. When you are going around the rulers you also have an unfair advantage. Rules are made to follow and you should find ways to follow them, rather then waste your time trying to go around them. It's a lot more fun when people play by the rulers and you each have a fair advantage. People who cheat are ruin the fun for others. Cheating is always wrong and one of the rules you should never break. Cheating will make other people lose trust in you and when you cheat you aren't being loyal. You should be proud to be a cheater. If you cheat and win it's not really winning and you would feel a whole lot better if you can win without cheating. Cheaters lose there trust.

George Hollbrook and Brian Nolan discuss their personal backgrounds.

George Hollbrook come from a poor family who has little to no money. His grandmother spent all of her money so that he could go to this academe. His grandmother sends him a penny every time she finds one. She is old and rarely gets out so he doesn't get very many pennies anymore. Brain Nolan on the other hand comes from a rich family. He has four family members that have graduated from the academe he is at and they want him to graduate as well. They both have a lot of pressure to do good at the academe because they don't wan to let down their families. The boys find it an honer to play football for the army but they can't let their families down. They both also have struggles with school which they have to overcome.


I think it is above the other words because it is most importation to the people. All the things that they have to follow will lead to honor. The honor code must be followed or it's like a sign of disrespect. The honor code talks about how you shall not cheat and earlier I think that some of the men were cheating on the test. An honor code is kind of all the importation rules summed into a short saying. We kind of have one at are school which is always to follow the three "R's". Which are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. If you don't follow the honor code there should be a punishment.

Desantis and Hollbrook have a conversation about cheating in order to pass the tests.

Hollbrook knows that cheating is wrong and that others shouldn't be doing it. He also knows have hard it is to pass the class. If he decides to cheat he is braking the honor code which is a big deal for them. It never mentioned what would happen if you broke the honor code so I think the man will get away with cheating. The choice to cheat is going against the biggest rule there is. The school asks them to follow one simply rule and they decide to brake it. Hollbrook shouldn't cheat but I think he is most likely going to cave in so that he can keep his grades up and not disappoint his grandmother. If Hollbrook decides to cheat he won't be able to tell on the others for cheating if he is doing it himself.