Logan Green

One day I woke up and it was my sisters Birthday. Everyone was there and she started to open presents. She asked me to cut open a box so I got a knife and I started to open it. Then the knife slid and cut me really bad. My friends and family were asking me if I was alright. While my Aunt Desta went and got my mom.

So my mom came down stairs and saw it so we doctored it immediately. Then they let me settle down and then we headed to the emergency room with my aunt Heather. We waited for a while for the doctors to walk in.Then all the sudden a Doctor walked in the room. She started out by giving me numbing shots so I wouldn't feel any thing when she was doing the stitches.

Then they gave me dark blue stitches and my hand felt a lot better then it didn't hurt. After that we sat in the room for a little bit so we could get my prescription. Then we were heading on the way out and a Police Officer stopped me and said "Hey I like your bandage do u wanna sticker?" I said "Yeah sure Thank You!" Then we headed out and we went to Dairy Queen and got me a Milk Shake and some French fries. Then we headed home.

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