Team S.h.i.n.e.

February Newsletter


From the first-ever Director's training {truly amazing}, to the SOAR events held round the country, we were inspired, motivated and educated all throughout the month of January.

Some of the topics covered at these fabulous events included:

  • Branding
  • Jewelry Bar Set-Up
  • Being a Force for Good
  • What it Means to be A Good Mentor
  • Leadership
  • Time-Management

We also had the launch of our first-ever supplemental catalog, which included the highly anticipated release of our beautiful HEART LOCKET.

As we begin the month of February, take time to think about your short and long term goals. Set-up time to meet or phone conference with your mentor to discuss your goals and brainstorm ideas that may help make this month one of your most successful yet.

Take a look at your calendar. How many parties do you have booked for the month? Have you started to look for SPRING Craft Fairs or Vendor shows in your area? Will you plan a SPRING Open House to celebrate and build excitement for our new Take Out Menu?

Here are a few simple business tips to help you SOAR into an amazing month!

*Wear your locket EVERYDAY

*Carry Take Our Menus and Business Cards everywhere you go. Make sure your husband and family members have your business cards on hand as well--you never know when your business will come up in conversation. They need to be prepared too!

*Make sure your contacts are updated/uploaded on O2 Connection

*Check Your Back Office and the O2 Lounge EVERYDAY

*Check in with your Team Facebook Page EVERYDAY

*Watch Monday Night Webinars hosted by The Nest

*Be in contact with your personally sponsored designers on a regular basis (call, email, facebook)-whatever works best for you and your designers.

Just be present and open.

January Rockstars


Senior Team Leader

Sherry Villaflor

Team Leader

Susan Keith

Candida Pangaldi

Melecia Chaidez

Meredith Suppi

Connie Richmond

Nicole Ryan

Elizabeth Chamblee

Leading Designer

Mandy Smith

Edith Navarro

Alicia Gullo

Louise Rico

Rebecka Garza

Jessica Nowakowski

Melanie Lindsay

Anne Senchack

Erica Barnard

Jeannine Alverado

Amanda Curtis

Mayra Hernandez

Victoria Haney

Joanna Adams

Andria Boyle


Top in Personal Volume -January 2014

1. Sarah Anderson- $3,035

2. Elizabeth Chamblee $2,260

3. Monica Del Frate & Brianna Hofrock $2,224

4. Lisa Rodriguez $ 2,132

5. Lisa Anderson $2,126

6. Christa Dickenson $2,011

7. Jeanette Adams-Vigil $1,929

8. Nicole Quistgard $1,905

9. Bonnie Fitch $1,895

10. Susan Salmans $1,850

11. Rebecka Garza $1,806

12. Renae LeClaire $ 1,792

13. Michelle Lent $1,769

14. Leila Zsebenyi $1,656

15. Carol Ruiz $1,574

16. Shelly Thrasher $1, 571

17. Meryn Gruhn DiTullio $1,563

18. Susan Keith $1,520

19. Angelinda Lopez $1,489

20. Cheryl Naughton $1,486

Here we {grow!}

I am proud to announce that we welcomed 105 new designers to our team in January!

Top In Personal Sponsoring!

The following designers sponsored TWO new designers In January:

Lorie Ames

Sandra Andrade

Erica Barnard

Jessica Franco

Lynette Huey

Carol Ruiz

Megan Scherbekow

Megan Trostle

The following designers sponsored THREE new designers in January:

Elizabeth Chamblee

Alicia Coppola

Stacey Fenwrick

Meredith Suppi

Keep sharing the O2 Love!


March Meeting-Bloomsburg, PA

March 8th will be our Spring Launch!

The Team Shine Meeting will be held in Bloomsburg, PA

Invitation to Follow!

Hope you can join us for this exciting event!

If you will be needing to book a room, please contact Victoria Yohe, Assistant General Manager Holiday Inn Express

(570) 387-6702(T) (570) 387-6802 (F)

Let her know that you are with the Origami Owl Meeting, andyou can get a special rate of $119.00 a night.

O2 National Convention 2014

The O2 Experience National Convention 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - Saturday, July 26, 2014

Phoenix Convention Center
100 North Third Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Here's the link to register!

Check out this video for a quick recap of last year's event!


Total Team Volume: $366,315

Total Number of New Designers: 105

Total Team Members (as of February 3rd): 1,704

Our Director-Led Teams:

Ashlie Fiallos, CA

Lindsey Nuttall, CA

Stacey Fenwrick, CA

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Happy - Pharrel Williams (Despicable Me II) by Nocturnal Wasabi 131671