Benjamin C.

Italy's Country

Italy,s population as of 2012 is at total of 60.92 million people. The climate of Italy is at an extremely varies from the north to the south. In the north it is harsh and cold. while the south is average like here in R.I. The Italian flag looks like as it does above, and finally the government of Italy is a Constitutional Republic.

Italian Life

Italy's houses differ based on what they were made for. If they are built to be in a country, than they would be different from the ones that are built to be in a city. Some famous foods that came from Italy are foods that we commonly eat. Some of which we eat in the states, such as pizza, gelato, and mozzarella. Italy is also known for the Vatican City, and its history.
Other, other as in other than Italian, languages that Italians speak are German, French, Sicilian and Sardinian.

Art and Religion

Major pieces of art that originated, or are found in Italy are such pieces like Raphael's Galatea, Augustus of Prima Porta, and the Mona Lisa. Finally, the major religion that Italy practices is Roman Catholic.