The Accused

By John Grisham Presented By Gabe Finley


Theo Boone is a 13 year old boy, who dreams to be criminal lawyer. Theo is 5'4" with brown hair, green eyes and braces. He is physically fit because he rides his bike all around town. Theo Boone loves the Minnesota Twins. He is an active member of the boy scouts and has earned 23 merit badges. He is on the debate team and never lost a debate. Also, he acts like a lawyer when he carries a yellow legal pad and walks stiffly. He always jumped to his feet as if he was in court doing a trial. Mr.Mount said "he watched Theo at his best when he was in a debate." In fact, Mrs. Gladwell, "Theo is innocent. He is no criminal." Other staff members at Theo's mom and dad's office and the schools staff love Theo because his parent's got them through hard times.

Theo Guilty or Innocent

The Accused Summary

It all took place in Strattenburg at a middle school, courthouse, computer store, Theo's house, V.F.W, and Gil's bike store. The major characters are Theo, Theo's parents, Mrs.Gladwell, Mr.Mount. The minor characters are Detective Vorman, Detective Hamilton, April, Woody, Baxter, Griff and Major. The story takes place on fall September Monday in present time. The main conflict is Theo gets accused for stealing computer hardware. The computer hardware was found in Theo's locker at school. He is questioned at school after his locker gets searched by the detectives and two computer laptops were found. Meanwhile earlier in the day, Theo found his locker to be messed up and his bike tires had been popped three times in a week. Theo gets into a fight at school about being accused. The book gets exciting when Ike and Theo work together to investigate two kids whose parents are clients of Theo's mom.


Theo was accused of a crime. Theo gave a speech to his classmates, "In our system, a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. "


Pg. 7

Theo pressed on... "' And proof beyond a responsible doubt, remember? what's the matter with you guys?"

This dialogue demonstrates Theo's passion for the law. This is also foreshadowing to Theo's upcoming situation.

pg. 198

'"The idea of accusing you of a burglary is ridiculous." Theo felt himself getting choked up, but managed to say, "Thanks, Major."

"Ï know you're innocent, Theo, and I'll do everything I can to help."

"Thanks," Theo said.

This dialogue show the support Theo had from family, friends, and teachers, that he was innocent.

Point of View

The point of view of this book is Third Person Omniscient. This means the storyteller know the thoughts and feelings of all the characters in the book. For example, the storyteller gives thoughts of several characters besides Theo, such as "Mrs. Gladwell knew that thirteen-year-olds have far better memories than adults, but would not argue." The storyteller spoke of Mr. Mount and his reaction to watching Theo talk to the class about innocence. He describes Theo's uncle Ike so the readers can get an idea of who he is and how he helps Theo because of his "different" personality.