Jazz Festival & Solo/Ensemble MPA

South Davie Middle School Band - 2014 Results

Saturday, April 12th

I just got back from an AWESOME day with 55 of our great students. Our jazz band performed today at the Reagan HS City of the Arts Jazz Festival and did a really nice job. Both clinicians and several band director friends had great things to say about their performance, and offered some great advice on how we can make it better. They were amazed that we have jazz band everyday during the school day (which we are so glad that we can do that), were very complementary of the sounds they made, and they were happy that students were improvising solos.

We also had 45 students participated in the Northwest District Solo and Ensemble MPA, and all three grade levels were able to participate in this event. Students arranged various small ensemble groups consisting of solos, duets, and other small ensembles. Much like concert band MPA, they received a rating for their performance: Superior, Excellent, Average, Below Average, Poor.

Here are our results from today:

13 Superior solos
7 Superior duets
3 Superior trios
1 Superior quartet
3 Excellent solos
1 Excellent duet

Students were responsible for arranging groups, picking their music, and rehearsing and preparing their pieces. Very little time was spent on this in class, and I only heard each group once or twice before they performed. Students took complete ownership in their preparation and presentation, which is what makes this event so cool!

Jazz and small ensemble music are great learning opportunities for our kids, and I am so glad that we were able to represent South and Davie County so well today.

South Davie Middle School Band

The South Davie Band is comprised of students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and a jazz ensemble. The South Davie Band has been very active in the community though performances in football games, parades, and at other local events. Our band has also been represented in many local, district, and regional events, and are continuing our path towards excellence.