Character Texuring and Rendering

By Carol Peralta

Base Mesh Render

Character Playblast Pre-visualization

Caracter Playblast
The reason I chose this position of visualization is to show the costume my character in detail.

Colour Palette

I choose this color pallet to influence and give life to the character in the history and show its background in light sky blue.

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Lighting Style

Texture Examples


The reason I chose this character is to design an outfit of a naval marine uniform from my country's history based on the outfit of Miguel Grau. He was a navy commander and hero, who fought in war of the Pacific between Peru and Chile. Here are some images of him. I might make some changes to make it simple, but similar to the navy uniform.
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Miguel Grau (1834-1879) "El Caballero del Mar", in English means: "The Gentleman of the Seas"

Reference of image:

Final Character Playblast

Final Character Playblast

Final Reflextion

The customs and design I put on this character is based on the navy uniform of Miguel Grau. I have difficulties in some of the part of the customs, but at the end it came out fine. On the background I put a clear blue theme, representing the sky. I enjoy creating the texture of the character, especially the most difficult was the jacket of the uniform. If there is some change, It will be the color of the floor.