Gabriela Macias per. 4

Pre-Sport Interest's

Your going to love pre-sports, because its all about how to exercise and having fun. You can be super athletic or not at all, but you do have to try your hardest. If you are super athletic then you can be in athletics and being in volley ball, basket ball, you play in anything if you try your hardest.


You are required to follow directions and be prepared. Everyday You have to bring you clothes and make sure you have your laces shoes tied. You have to always put your hair up in a pony tail if you have long hair and to not wear earrings or bracelets cause they might hurt you while playing a game.


Code of Conduct

the code of conduct is that you have to pay attention and no be disruptive. there are a bunch of different code of conducts you have to follow. One of them is that you cannot STEAL anything you find, so if you find a missing object, report it.