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August 2022

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Summer Fun Activities for August

As a parent finding summer activities to keep our children engaged can be challenging. Well look no further!!! The website Messy Little Monster is one great resource that has so many fun ideas and activities for you and your children all year round! Take a peek at the art, craft and activity ideas for children of all ages. Some great ideas are below:

  • Rock Painting Ideas: Rock painting has to be one of the most calming yet fun activities to do with your kids! Such painting is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together and there are so many great rock painting ideas to try.

  • Flower Pot Painting Ideas: Painting is a fun way to add some color or brighten up an otherwise boring pot. These crafty ideas will always spruce up clay pots so your flower pots colorful and unique.

  • Sensory Bottles : Making sensory bottles means babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can explore objects that normally are off limits! DIY sensory bottles are easy to make and are a great way of getting older siblings involved in making fun sensory toys for all to enjoy.


Just like learning how to crawl, walk, jump, the ABC's or how to count, learning how to help others takes time and practice. There are many things your child can help with around the house. Doing so will help your child learn responsibility and manage emotions. Through these experiences, your child will begin to learn, from a young age, what it looks like and sounds like to be helpful and kind by giving your child opportunities to practice.

Click here or below for video link of Big, Little Helper

NURTURING KINDNESS ...during the summer months!

Teaching our young children to be kind and helpful is so important! To nurture kindness, grownups can try incorporating in-the-moment opportunities into daily routines. Remember to:

  • CELEBRATE spontaneous acts of helpfulness and kindness

  • USE kind words and smiles with others

  • MODEL how to be kind, supportive, and loving by helping others who are in need or having a hard time

  • SAY positive things that will make someone feel good rather than sad
  • SPEAK to others in a polite way, kind manner (practicing using manners such as "Please and Thank you")
  • THINK before saying something about someone and take the time to consider how the other person might feel
  • HELP your child understand emotions and feelings
  • VALIDATE feelings and emotions
  • TALK with your child about the behaviors you see and ask "How would you feel if.....?" when a situation is experienced or observed


Have A Child Between The Ages of 2 and 5?

Please contact the CCSD93's Early Childhood Center (630-307-3750) at any time to discuss how we can work together to support your children and your family.

We can:

  • monitor your infant or toddler’s growth and development in your own home

  • answer your questions about available birth to 3 screenings and 3 to 5 year old preschool screenings

  • answer questions about development and available resources

  • share upcoming coalition events and support groups

READY ROSIE ...FREE Subscription!

YOU are your child's first teacher, so CCSD93 Birth to 5 Community Coalition is pleased to provide you with a FREE subscription to ReadyRosie. ReadyRosie is a family engagement and early learning on-line resource that emails daily activities to you. The activities are simple, take about two minutes, and help prepare children for success in school.

What is the CCSD93 Birth to 5 Community Coalition?

As a Birth to 5 Community Coalition, Community Consolidated School District 93 (CCSD93) , in partnership with many community agencies and businesses, strive to work with children and families from birth to five to improve each child's school readiness. We focus on the needs of the “whole child”. To that end, our coalition partners work together to identify the supports and services available in our community that speak to a child’s needs or the needs as a family. Priority is given to families who may experience barriers related to language, income level, limited or low level literacy skills, limited access to transportation, or unfamiliarity with processes related to accessing social/community services. I

If you would like to learn more about the Coalition or our outreach events, please feel free to call us, visit our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Benefits of the CCSD93 Birth to 5 Community Coalition for Our Families