Module 4: Newton's Laws of Motion

North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, Mrs. Melissa Partin

February 15th - This Week's Assignments and Deadlines

This week we will take what we have learned about the connection between force and motion as we learn about Newton's Three Laws of Motion!

It is important that all you, the student, use the pacing guide that I provide each week to track your progress with your weekly assignments! All assignments for Module Four are due on Friday, February 19th at midnight. Click below for the Module Four Pacing Guide.

Also, you will need to utilize the Physical Science Reference Table this week which provides essential formulas for our mathematical problems. Click here to download the Reference Table.

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Digital Learning Day - February 17th

Digital Learning Day is on February 17th! Did you know that part of being a good digital citizen is making sure you are respectful of yourself and others. Watch this video from Common Sense Media about the dangers of over-posting:

What happens if I have issues with technology and Mrs. Partin cannot help?

If you find that you are having issues with technology, always feel free to ask me--I will always do what I can to help. If there are issues with your specific computer and it is a school-issued computer, I recommend that you take it to your media center or report it to the staff member supervising the lab you are working in.

However, if there is a question that myself and someone at your school cannot answer, you will want to submit a Help Desk Ticket at

Motion & Force in Physical Science Textbook

As we continue to move through Module Three, you may find that you would like to have a textbook to read as a resource. Click the below link to access the Physical Science textbook through To access the specific Force Unit, click this link:
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Bill Nye the Science Guy and Motion!

For your Saturday viewing pleasure, take a moment and preview what we will be learning about this week! Bill Nye the Science Guy does a great job of giving us an overview of the connections between motion and force! Click HERE to access the video!

Checking Grades

Students should know that their grades within Canvas are updated every 24 hours, Monday through Friday. If a parent/guardian would like to view their child's grades, they should obtain the username and password of the student and sign in at or contact me. For more information on how to view grades in Canvas, please view the video below originally posted within the first newsletter.

About Mrs. Partin

I am a Nationally Board Certified Science Teacher with 9 years of teaching experience in North Carolina. I am an instructor for North Carolina Virtual Public Schools and teach students across multiple classes of Physical Science. I am also a wife to my husband of 11 years and a mother to 3 children ages 8, 5, and 4 as well as a foster mother. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, serving our church in the areas of missions, as Co-Director for the Upward Basketball program, and on the music ministry, spending time with my family, reading, playing my flute, and running. I look forward to getting to know each of my students as they learn Physical Science in a fun, new way! Let me know what interests we share or that you enjoy!

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