Victoria Legal Aid

Advice and assistance available through legal aid

Victoria Legal Aid

VLA was established to provide free legal advice to the community and low-cost legal representation to those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer. VLA provides a range of services to help people with their legal problems. Its aim is to help protect the rights of socially and economically disadvantaged Victorians in areas of criminal law, family law and some civil law matters.

The services VLA provides:

free legal aid- people are able to discuss their legal problems with professionals.

grants for legal assistance or representation- people are able to apply to VLA for money to help fun their legal case. VLA are not able to fund all cases, the mainly fund criminal and family law cases but will provide assistance in other cases that involve mental health, immigration and discrimination law.

duty lawyers- lawyers are able to provide free legal advice to people.

legal information and education- people can get free legal advice via online, telephone and a community library that VLA provides.

roundtable dispute management (RDM)- this alternative dispute resolution process is available in family disputes, including cases involving family violence.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is only available to those who cannot afford to have a lawyer represent their case. VLA's purpose is to provide people with the financial and legal support they need for their cases.

You can go to telephone legal information service, online and in their community library.