Pine Class Update

December 14th, 2014

Straight from the 4th floor of 300 Adelphi...

This has been yet another exciting week in the Pine Class! Please help your little Pine person to remember to bring their book bag and blue folder back to school every day. Hopefully you're still playing some of the math games at home. More games to come!


A Space for Thinking about Current Events

Several students brought up the current events that they've heard about on the news or from their families regarding Ferguson and Staten Island and the police. We had a short full class discussion prompted by students who had been working on building a police station with blocks during Exploration Time. Several students continued the conversation into the block area and added some quotes and signs to their police station.

Thanks for All of the Supplies You've Sent!

What an amazing collection! On Thursday we had a great time counting and "inventorying" the goods during Exploration time. This week we're starting an really exciting new project! You probably have an idea of what it is...Jars, rocks, sand, a generous donation of a bunch of moss... But don't tell! We want to investigate our way into it with a trip to the garden first. Fingers crossed it won't be too cold. On Monday and Tuesday we plan to head out to the garden to be sure to send warm stuff. :-)