Small, but fierce.

Where does a flea live?

Fleas can live in many places. They can live outside, on furniture, and of course, anywhere on animals.

How does it feed?

Fleas feed on blood. They bite into you and continue to feed until they can't hold anymore blood.

How does it reproduce?

Females lay eggs after feeding on blood. They usually lay about 20 eggs.

What are the hosts of choice?

Fleas prefer animals, but may be found on humans.

Special adaptations

Fleas have some adaptations. The main adaptation is that they are able to go a couple of months without feeding,


Flea sizes vary depending on the species. Most fleas are around 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch.

Some interesting facts

1.) Fleas can jump about seven inches up in the air.

2.) Adult fleas need a host to lay eggs.

3.)flea bodies are designed to be able to withstand difficult conditions.