A Swell Swine Soiree

Wear your finest! We aren't pigs!

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Pieter Burger

Audience Clapping Whistling And Cheering by Pieter Burger

A party for the poshest of the porcine

Free slop for our acquaintances from the acreage! Music will have delightful acoustics from the location of this gathering under the stage. Please be ready to wave your hooves in the air like you just do not care.

A Swell Swine Soiree

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 9pm

Underneath the stage of the New York University

Please be very secretive- this gathering is quite exclusive. It could be extremely hurtful if humans discover our celebration.

Calender for God's best creation

1. Arrival at 8

2. Peppa Pig guest visit speech and tribute hoof-stomp

3. Slop dishes served- Dig in! Or, if you prefer, you may roll in it.

4. Delightful drones from the auditorium above the party location begin.

5. Pin the tail on the piggy begins- make sure to play fair! Don't be the one to squeal the locations!

6. Goodie bags of more slop and mud are passed out.

7. Limousines arrive to deliver you home to your own sty.