Social Studies Update

September 2015

Released 2015 STAAR and EOC Assessments for US History

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National History Day: South Plains Regional Contest

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Professional Development in Your Pajamas!

Social Studies Socials on Twitter

I will be hosting twitter chats throughout the year for professional development credit. Each chat will have a different focus. In order to receive your 1 hour of CPE credit you must answer 5 questions and respond to a peer on each question (10 responses total).

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Twitter Professional Development

If you would you like to get professionbal development while wearing your pajamas, then this workshop series is for you! Each session is worth 1 hour of PD credit. If you participate in each session, you will be able to receive 9 hours of CPE credit!

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Online Workshops

These courses are self-paced. They MUST be completed by December 1st in order to receive the 6 hours of CPE credit. You may register at any time throughout the Fall.

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New Social Studies Resources in TEKS Resource System

Social Studies in TEKS Resource System has undergone some exciting changes! The following courses have been re-worked and the 2015-16 updated documents are posted now:
1) 6th grade Contemporary World Cultures,
2) 8th Grade US History,
3) 9th Grade World Geography-Conceptual Draft,
4) 10th Grade World History, and
5) 11th grade US History.

The remaining courses (K-5, 7, Economics, and Government) are scheduled for revision in the TEKS Resource System for planned release for 2016-17.

6th grade Contemporary World Cultures will have additional assessment items being added to the bank during the 2015-16 year.

World Geography has previously been organized in the TEKS Resource System by geographic region, but a newly developed CONCEPTUAL version of World Geography is available in Draft form for 2015-16. Documents provided this year for the Conceptual World Geography include the YAG (6 and 9 week), TVD, and IFDs. TEKS Resource System is gladly accepting feedback on this new course, which is planned to replace the regional course in 2016-17.

Please take a look at two new resources that have been developed for Social Studies, the K-12 Concept Tree and Backwards Design documents. The Backwards Design documents (one document for each of the re-worked courses) is organized by unit and shows the connections between the Overarching Understandings and Questions, the Unit Understandings and Questions, the Concepts (from the Concept Tree) and the Performance Assessments. Pair these documents with the K-12 Concept Tree, and you have great resources to assist with planning and instructing around the essential understandings and big picture concepts! Great to use as part of planning “with the end in mind” and for helping students make high level connections in the content.
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TEKS Aligned Digital Resources for Social Studies

The Curriculum team here at Discovery Education has completed something exciting that is available only to TX users of Discovery Education Streaming - Curriculum Alignment of Social Studies Content with Social Studies TEKS in grades K-5, Grade 7 (TX History) and World History so that digital assets from Discovery Education are aligned with Social Studies TEKS within these grades. The digital assets have been aggregated from different Discovery Education services (such as Discovery Education Streaming PLUS) and are now all accessible with the alignments within Discovery Education Streaming base which is a unique benefit for Texas users.
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Funding and Grants

Funding Opportunity: Target Grants for K-12 Field Trips

As part of the program, Target stores award Field Trip Grants to K-12 schools nationwide. Each grant is valued up to $700. We accept grant applications between noon CST Aug. 1 and noon CST Sept. 30.

For more information, click here:

Contest: Qatar Foundation International lesson plan competition

Deadline: September 30, 2015

Are you a K-12 teacher? Have you ever designed a lesson that centered on some aspect of the Arab world? Would you like to win $500? Qatar Foundation International (QFI) has announced a Lesson Plan contest to showcase outstanding lesson plans about Arab society and culture in the Arab World in various disciplines (such as the arts, science, history, geography, and more). The deadline to submit a lesson plan is September 30, 2015. For more information and to enter the contest:
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Technology Tips, Tricks, and Tools from Facebook this Month

Constitutional Wishes: How Would YOU Amend It?

October 30th- November 1st

Every year we have over a thousand educators that come to the TCSS conference. Volunteers invest hundreds of hours in planning, and working to make the experience the best that it can be.
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