An Interview with Mrs.Rasor

by: Haley Montes


this is a link to Mrs. Rasor wonderful actond

She Is Passionate about Teaching

Here are some fun Facts I Learned About Mrs. Rasor

Hours per week:

  • 45-50
Classes she Teaches:
  • English 1
  • English 2 preAP
Classroom Environment:
  • All her students are in groups of 4
  • She has colorful posters all round her room
  • Book self with all different kinds of books for students
  • vocab words on the wall
  • She writes what the students are doing that day
  • shelves for papers
  • storage creates for journals
Her biggest challenge:
  • Trying to help every student when everyone is on a different level
Different strategies used:
  • She has them work in groups
  • She has students share there thoughts on the subject
  • She shows students there data
  • Knows everyone's name and face
  • Lets students talk in group about the passage

Classroom Management Techniques:

  • Mrs. Rasor has a spic place in the classroom for fished work
  • she has data charts for each student
  • she has the restroom pass hanging up by the door for the students