Something everyone faces once

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What is it

Cyberbullying is when any one from a child to a adult is tormented threatened harassed humiliated embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another person using the Internet.
Cyber Bullying

Why is it a problem

If someone is being harassed on the internet they might start to believe the bad things people are saying to them. Witch can make them think abut hurting them self or other.
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How to avoid it

1. Never post personal information

2. Don't be gullible
3. Don´t respond to an angry message with anger
4. Never open messages from strangers
5. Don´t forward chain mails, hoaxes or long emails
6. read your messages first
7. Don´t post anything that is very private

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What to do if it happens to you

1. Tell someone you can trust

3. ask for help

4. stand up to them

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