Poetry is Life

5 year old Carla

Crying when I get a pow pow

Asleep on the trip

Riding on a horse

Lying when getting caught

Apple a day keeps a doctor away

Hours waiting at the dentist

Eating apples with peanut butter

Rising up from bed

Nana baking me some cookies

Adventure dome here I come

Nanas cookies are the best

Dying of laughter

Excited for the carnival

Zeek and luther on tv
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Ode of the Mountains

Bumpy risky and steep

Here we go

Little rabbits everywhere

Get ready to beep!

Were going on a trip

In our favorite dirt bike

Get ready to explore

Were going on a hike

Rabbits lizards snakes

Animals everywhere

Now we got more food

Get ready to cook

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Elegy of Chewing Gum

Sticky delicious trouble

I was chewing gum in class

Until the teacher Mrs. Bass caught me

Spit it out!

Go to the deans office

chewing gum in school is bad

They made me throw out my pack of gum

I was so disappointed

The gum was so delicious

Why did I have to throw it away

It was so tasty and flavorful

It was wonderful I say

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Life is like a mountain

Bumpy risky and steep

Different ways to hike

1 way is to ride your bike

Birds on top of us

As we rise above the mountain

Get to the top

Time to drink out the water fountain

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Earth Day

People circling around the sun

Birds chirping as loud as a air horn

Fresh detergent off the clothes in the laundry

The delicious apples that fall from the trees

Happy to be on earth

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Gum on the wall

The smacking and sticking of the gum

Love to eat when not supposed to

Different kinds of flavored gum

Gum should not lose its flavor

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Calculators computers composite

Diameter division equation

Factorization fraction fun

Geometry geometric grades

Education exciting protractor

Probability rulers multiplication

Different question lots of answer

Wrong answer try again

Right answer move on and keep going

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33 year old Carla

Completing life goals

Arrived on time

Ready to go to work

Lazy to wake up

Accomplished my goal

Having children

Earning money

Rising up from bed

Never giving up

Animal control coming to take my child from me

Never being late

Dead sooner or later

Eating healthy every day

Zipping through the forest on my honey moon

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