St. Hyacinth's Cathedral

Quebec Saint-Hyacinthe 1880

Would you like to feel the asceticism of the Middle ages and at the same time exquisite luxury of the 18th century?

Get these impressions while visiting Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe the Confessor !

Restraint and coldness

The asceticism of the Neo-Gothic style with gloomy grey walls,

two pointed spiers and a stained-glass window in the center takes us to the Middle Ages.

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Refinement and luxury

The luxury of late Baroque hides behind these walls.

Fourteen white gilded marble columns with insets of pink marble make the cathedral look majestic.

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Three crystal multi-level chandeliers Illuminate the whole space and add it solemness .

The snow-white temple is filled rainbow highlights and soft light through the stained-glass windows of the cathedral .

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The organ of the cathedral is magnificent and admirable.

During the services it fills the temple with the sounds of music making it more splendid.

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The magic sounds fill you and carry away...

Bach Organ Works: Fantasias and Fugues, Toccatas and Fugues

Listening to the music, you can easily imagine the life of St. Hyacinth.

Hyacinth Odrovozh was bright and saturated in the service of God as the colour of a hyacinth and at the same time he was modest and reserved in everyday life.

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Gotic and Baroque ,

asceticism and luxury,

silence and music,

modesty and completeness

all are combined in this cathedral and you get extraordinary impressions !

The beauty and harmony of a work of art inspires to study the history of its creation.

Don't miss the visual excursion of the history of the temple.