EA 1 Unit 2 Unpacking

Jakob, Adrianna, Syi'ane, and Isaiah


Here is some knowledge from Springboard that you can use to help you write a short story.

You need to know how to include a detailed, vivid setting, that will seamlessly allow the reader to identify were you story takes place. You must also know how to make your characters have distinctive character traits. The characters' dialogue must also be true to that character's persona/voice. Finally the story must effectively incorporate each element of plot. (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution)


Here are some skills from Springboard that you can use to create a short story: You must add vivid transition words that seamlessly allow the reader to flow through your story. You must also include vivid details to allow the reader to visualize the setting, characters, and action. You also need to include plenty of dialogue to add to the characters' persona. And finally you need to demonstrate thoughtful planning, significant revision, and careful editing.