an autobiography

all about me

hi! my name is Lavender!

I'm a perennial herb and my place of origin is the Mediterranean! I am a monocot and I like to grow in places that are sunny and dry (I don't like getting my feet wet)! even though I originated in the Mediterranean, I now am cultivated around the world!

people say that I smell nice, and that I am good at calming people down! I also taste really yummy, and I've heard that I will be very beautiful when I grow up!

I will take up to 3 years for me to fully mature, and I have a lifecycle of 7-10 years (after which I will start to produce less oil). it is best to harvest me when my flowers are just buds and haven't opened yet! we reproduce sexually (bees love us!) and are naturally propagated by seeds!

Lavender is useful!

the Lavender family has a lot of cool jobs! we Lavender's have been used in aromatherapy (we smell great and relax people). we also can be found in lots of cosmetics (like lotions, perfumes, and soaps!) and we are said to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties! we have been shown to help people sleep and to relieve anxiety!

Lavender's also are great in the kitchen! we taste lovely in baked goods (like scones), desserts (like cupcakes), and in salads and dressings. we are often used as seaonings for fish and meat. we pair really well with chocolate, our flowers make excellent honey, and are often found in teas! we are also often found in the spice blend herbes de Provence (even though we are not used in traditional southern French cooking).

My family history!

In ancient Greece and Egypt, Lavender was used in perfumes and incense!

In the middle ages, Lavender was considered to be an aphrodisiac. We also were seen as a sort of cure-all - people thought we could cure lice, toothaches, headaches, and even tame lions!

Lavender was also used in World War I as a way to treat wounds.

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