The European Starling

An invasive species

Fun Facts

  • Scientifically known as Sturnus Vulgaris, which translates to Common Starling
  • Introduced by a Shakespeare fan named Eugene Scheifflin, who had decided to bring every bird included in the writings of Shakespeare into the U.S., starting with the European Starling
  • One of only 3 bird species not protected by the government
  • Roost and fly in enormous flocks, which is the source of most of the damage


  • Because of their large roosting groups, droppings, which are phytotoxic, accumulate, killing trees and other plants
  • Damage many fruit crops like cherries, strawberries, and grapes
  • Wintertime flocks can consume up to 27,000 tons of feed during winter months and spoil more feed with droppings
  • Starlings displace birds like woodpeckers and bluebirds
  • Roosting in large groups can cause disfiguration to both trees and man-made objects
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What Can We Do?

  • Protect livestock and buildings with traps and repellents
  • There is not much to be done for wildlife

Food Pyramid

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