January 2019 Newsletter

Westhampton Day School

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Intent Letter Packets! (Due: January 18th)

You will be receiving your Intent Letter packet today! This Intent Letter lets the office know if you are planning for your child to attend WDS during our summer 2019 program and for the 2019 - 2020 school year! Please read your intent letter for additional information. If you have any questions about filling out the form, feel free to email me (alexstrabley@westhamptondayschool.org) or swing by the office! You will also be given your child's Student Info Form! Please make sure the information on the form is up-to-date and accurate.

These forms are due back into the office by Friday, January 18th!

Check out the Spring 2019 Enrichment Schedule!

Calling All Pre-K Families!

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Upcoming Events!

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On Monday, January 21st at 9:30 AM, we will be starting our day with a Faith in Action prayer service celebrating what it means to be a Christian. We would like for you to come and worship with us!

The WUMC Mission States:

We are committed to putting our faith into action - transforming young learners into confident Christians and enriching the lives of those we encounter.

With this service we are challenging each student, parent, and parishioner to put their Faith into Action by participating in worship and prayer and staying to assist in a service project.

  • City Council Representative Rev. Michael Jones will join us with a special message!
  • Each WDS class will select and take on a service project to complete.
  • WDS and WUMC will create a list of projects that can be worked on at our school and church -- we just need your manpower!

We firmly believe that it is important to not only give back to our community, but to model for our young children the importance of doing for others. Please join us and help us start 2019 by putting Your Faith into Action!

Danielle Todd,
WDS Director

Development Update

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Thank you, Westhampton Day School Families & Friends!

With your support, WDS has raised $15,329 so far this school year. You're already seeing this support put into action with school improvements and projects - placing STEM educational tools in every classroom, painting the Two's Hallway, lighting the parking lot and there's more to come!
Plus, the Brandmahl Scholarship is growing so it can continue supporting those in need in our school family. Thank you for the support you've offered - WDS appreciates YOU!