TroopsToTruckers CDL Attention Military Active Duty and Veterans! If you are looking for temporary or long-term employment, earning your CDL Commercial Driver's License and operating a truck is the fastest way to earning a great living. With just 30 days training, you can qualify to drive tractor trailer, fire engine, dump truck and many other types of equipment. Use your GI Bill or Post 911 Gi Bill and be in the driver's seat in 30 days or less! There is a national shortage of drivers. If you are a Marine, Airman, Soldier, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, or National Guard, this is one way to quickly provide for your family in a way that will keep you proud! Get your tanker endorsements and in 3 years be making $90,000 or more a year. It is real. It is now, and for military veterans, there is a national push to hire you on to trucking companies. Take advantage of this opportunity in time and get your CDL. And We have programs where you can also get your Heavy Equipment Operator's license AND your CDL and really put yourself in the best position ever to earn big income now and over your lifetime.Visit and complete she SHORT application and get started NOW!
TroopsToTruckers CDL Training Program