Let's Celebrate Achievement!

3rd Quarter Awards and Achievements in Community F

A Special Message from Your Teachers

This school year is flying by but we didn't want to miss an opportunity to tell yo how proud we are of each of you for all of the hard work and dedication you are putting into your school work and behavior. Many of you are focused and work really hard to achieve your personal goals for your future--and it shows! This small flyer is to show you that we are paying attention and commend you on your accomplishments! Keep up the FanTabulous Work!

These STUDENTS Jump for "E"xcellence!

The students picured above are jumping for joy! Why? Because they all have an E in conduct for the 3rd Nine Weeks!

Homeroom 32: Daniela B., Amaya C., Shamira C., Israel G., Jaidyn C., Kynnedi G., Mallory G., Ahmari M., Talia M., Jimena O., Kevin S., Taylor W.

Homeroom 33: Matias B., Leilani D., Douglas F., Erin G., Sarai G., Nancy L., Emma M., Jolie P., Kennadi S., Amani T., SirChrisTon T.

Homeroom 34: Joseline B., Daisy E., Steven G., Alan M., Jocelyn M., Nadia N., SirChrisJon T.

We are REAL Cool... We ALWAYS come to School!

These students had perfect attendance for the 3rd nine weeks! (Note: These students with * have perfect attendance the entire school year so far!)

Homeroom 32: Amaya C., Shamira C., Brandon G., Gerardo M., Talia M., Walter P., Kevin S.

Homeroom 33: Trace B., Douglas F., Michael H., Branden J., Anaya J., Nancy L., Emma M., Jolie Pace', SirChrisTon T.

Homeroom 34: Robin A., Joseline B.*, Daisy E., Chase F., Jazmine F.*, Steven G., Nancy G., Daniel G., Jonathan H., Alan M.*, Jocelyn M., Gevonie M., Christina M., SirChrisJon T.*, Taryn W.

We are on a Roll!

Take a look at our Content-Specific Award Winning Students!

The STAR Students for the THIRD Nine Weeks!

Let's commend the students that are all around FanTabulous!

These students are considered all-around great because they have been at school every day (perfect attendance), have good citizenship (an E in conduct) and made either Honor Roll and Merit Roll on their 3rd quarter report card! We truly commend these students for all of their hard work! You guys are TRULY STAR Students!
Amaya Campbell, Douglas Ford, Nancy Luu, Emma Montiel, SirChrisTon Turner, Daisy Espinoza, Kevin Sanchez, Jolie Pace', Steven Galvan, Shamira Cervantes, and Joseline Blanco

PARENTS: You are invited to attend Community F's Award Ceremony

Friday, April 11th, 3:15-3:30pm

2500 S Victory Dr

Houston, TX

This event will be held in the cafeteria. (location may be subject to change--you will be notified if it is) Contact Mrs. Glass at snglass@aldine.k12.tx.us if you have any questions.