The Buffett Bugle

First Semester Edition 2019-2020

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Buffett Bugle

The Buffett Bugle is the student produced newspaper at Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School. The Bugle is produced for distribution to the students, staff, and administration of Buffett, as well as members of the community and the Omaha Public Schools.

Students in this course participate in all areas of the production process, including planning, interviewing, photographing, editing, and computer layout design.

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The Cat is out of The Hat by Rachel C.

You watched the performers throw their arms in the air. You heard the signer’s voices echoing in sync. You wondered in amazement how they memorized all these lines and dances in a little over two months. You were watching “Seussical the Musical” at Buffett and you were shocked at what you were watching, but there is more to the story than what you witnessed.

This fall the drama program put on the production of “Seussical the Musical” at Buffett for two nights in a row. The performers had a little over two months to prepare for these magical nights. The audience was amazed, but did they really know how hard the performers worked? The cast had become a family over the two months given. New bonds were formed and memories made to last a lifetime.

This musical was about famous Dr. Seuss characters. Horton the Elephant tried to save the Who's on their small speck of dust, but no one believed they were there. He tried to convince the jungle characters the Who's were real while enduring difficult challenges. The Cat in the Hat took you on this journey as you watched the lighthearted performance. Eighth grader Ella J., who played Vlad Vladacoff said, "If there was one thing I could change about the performance it would be more practices because I felt very unprepared with how ready we were. Feeling like more time to prepare could be helpful made the nerves even stronger than ever." Although Jaksha was worried about the performance, many people reassured her the performance was amazing and they didn't seem unprepared at all.

Practices were another vital part of the show. The performers practiced two times a week which was very few for such a big show. Eighth grader Samantha K., Mayzie the Bird in the musical said, "We were at practice for a super long time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had to find more time to do my homework and go to dance practice, so it did make me stressed, on top of memorizing lines and music. This musical was definitely hard to learn but worth it." Eli Z., who played Horton the Elephant said, "My favorite parts of practices were the choreography because it was fun, and we learned it fast." As you can tell practices could be stressful, but it was all worth it.

Showtime arrived and the performers were more nervous than ever! With shaking legs and shuttering breaths Eli Z. said, "I handle nerves before the show by taking deep breaths and focusing on what is happening. I tell myself we have practiced hard for this and we should enjoy the performance." Going on stage and performing is the experience of a lifetime. Stella C-K, who played Gertrude, said, "At first you are a little star struck. You see all the staring faces and your heart stops, you feel frozen, but you dance anyway. I will never forget the feeling of triumph as you enter and exit the stage." The performances went well, and the people involved were beaming until the last note was sung.

The musical this year could be stressful, frustrating, and tiring, but the fulfillment of performing and the feeling of accomplishment were all worth it. Ella J. said, "The musical was frustrating at times, but it was well worth it for the feeling of accomplishment that came with the last show. The best part of the experience was forming new bonds with people I never would have talked to normally. "

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Every Penny Counts by Carli G.

For two weeks in November, Student Council traveled throughout the school and asked for coin donations to raise money for families to have a good Thanksgiving meal. "Thump. Thump." Students walked up and dumped their collected coins into a sand colored envelope.

Buffett students of all grades donated coins to help families have a tasty Thanksgiving meal. Teachers and students all participated in the coin drive, doing their part for the fundraiser. Our school principal, Mr. CK, announced a friendly contest to see which team could earn the most coins. Team 7A raised the most coins overall, their reward was a delicious donut party. Overall, the total amount of donations raised was $1,298 and some change, an impressive amount of money!

This donation helped students, teachers, staff, and families. Maria M. stated, “It can benefit students because they will feel good about donating and they will know that they helped out another family." A lot of students donated in order to help sixteen families to have a good Thanksgiving meal.

Buffett did a fantastic job donating! Maria M. said, "Most people don't donate a canned food, but most likely donate money." Sammy K. stated, "It is great because not every family can afford a big meal on Thanksgiving,” but the fact that we can help them out made her overjoyed that people support each other. She went on to state, “it will help society because donating will bring joy and kindness to the people donating and the people receiving to have a better life." Donating to the coin drive was a great cause.

As a result of our donations, sixteen families were able to enjoy a great Thanksgiving meal. Kendeigh said, "People should donate because it goes to a great cause. When you're eating Thanksgiving dinner you can remember that you gave someone else a dinner and something additional to be thankful for." Giving to others can be better than receiving, and having the feeling that you impacted someone's life by giving is a spectacular feeling to have.
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Bravo, Bravo! by Kennedy C.

*jazz hands* The audience erupts in applause. The Buffett Bravo members bow and file off stage. Throughout the whole year, Buffett boys and girls enrolled in the after-school show choir, Buffett Bravo, are practicing endlessly. They have been taught multiple songs from the directors, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Craven and working hard to put the words with actions. These 7th and 8th graders are sure to wow the judges at their upcoming competitions with their sparkly dresses and bowties.

This exciting, audition-only club is open to all 7th and 8th graders, boys and girls. The group practices after school on Wednesdays and every day in Bobcat Den. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need be an experienced singer or dancer to be accepted into the group.

The four songs the group are learning are "Solla Sollew" (Seussical the Musical), "One Short Day" (Wicked the Musical), "Pulled" (The Addams Family Musical), and "Come Alive" (The Greatest Showman). The dresses, handed down from high schools, are crucial to wowing the judges and leaving a lasting impression with the audience.

There are three main factors that Buffett Bravo consists of, making it a fun after-school club: singing, dancing, and relationships. The singing is the main base for show choir and choosing unique, challenging songs really bring out the creative side in the members of the club. “My favorite song is, by far, "Pulled" from The Addams Family Musical because I love the Addams family and Wednesday Addams sings it. She is my favorite character and it’s just a really, really fun song about her whole life changing,” said Kendyl N. After the songs are memorized, dancing comes in. It's amazing how the kids are able to put the words to actions in just a few weeks.

While the 7th graders are new to the club this year, some 8th graders are the leaders of the pack as this is the second year they've auditioned for the club. “They are about the same dance moves that they were last year,” said Emmalee S., a 2nd year Buffett Bravo participant. The moves are made easier for the 7th graders but still appeal to the old 8th graders. Mrs. Craven and Mr. Miller are sure to prepare the kids for their 2nd concert in a few months. The last main factor of Buffett Bravo is the relationships, new and old. There are many opportunities in Bobcat Den and during Wednesday practices to bond with others. For example, Mrs. Craven lets the group provide their opinions on decisions the group needs to make such as the boys' bowties and hats. Mr. Miller takes this further by adding choreography in some of the songs that involves partners, such as "One Short Day." Kylie C. said, “I did make new friends with a bunch of 7th graders that I didn’t know before and I think my connection with a bunch of my friends that I had before is a little bit stronger.” Carman is a new 8th grader to this club and has enjoyed the relationships that she has created over such a short course of time.

In addition, some girls have had to balance Bravo with swim, cross county, and/or the play, as well as homework and other after-school activities and still have mastered every twirl, spin, and lyric. Watch out for this year's Buffett Bravo group and their results at their upcoming competitions!

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DONUT be Tardy! by Corinne R.

"ONE MINUTE LEFT!" Administrators and teachers can be heard repeating this phrase every morning in attempts to get us all to class and learning on time. Throughout the month of November, students had an even larger incentive to race to their classes. All students with zero tardies to school and classes were eligible for a prize at the end of the month… a delicious DONUT! Mr. CK implemented this with the hopes of getting the school attendance over 95%.

No Tardy November was important because there is a district-wide initiative to attain over 95% or higher on attendance. Mr.CK went the extra mile to help us strive to reach that goal. It's so important to be at your classes because education is power. It helps us to be our best.

Over 700 Buffett students thrived through the whole month of November with zero tardies. On a chilly December 11, those 700 students were rewarded for their hard work and efforts to get to class on time with a celebration in the gym that included Krispy Kreme donuts and many excited students. Winner results were similar throughout the grade levels, 50% of 5th grade, 47% of 6th grade, 50% of 7th grade, and 53% of 8th grade qualified for the tasty reward!

No tardy November prepared us to be on time which will help us later in life. Being on time is a key ingredient to being successful. This is a helpful trait to keep your job, stay in school, and show that you respect your peers. "I think that No Tardy November is important because it helps us to be successful and get to class on time," said Grace R. No Tardy November was a great way for many students to learn life lessons!

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Student Council Rules the School by Elizabeth J.

Student Council is a variety of 5th-8th graders who gather each day during Bobcat Den discussing things we could do to make our school a better place.

Student Council is the student leadership organization at Buffett Middle School. These select students choose the passing period music, decide on spirit days, plan the dance, movie day, and kick ball tournament. This energetic group also helps with various activities that present themselves throughout the school year, such as fundraisers. If you enjoy being a role model to other students and you want the opportunity to make the school a better place, Student Council is the thing for you!

In Student Council, there is a president, vice president, and a 5th and 6th grade representative. Ava S. is the current president of Student Council and has many responsibilities. "My role in Student Council is to organize what we are doing for the day and supervise students when we are working. It is mainly Mrs. Guy and Mrs. Wiebusch telling me what to do so I can inform others on what we have to get done in the most efficient way," said Ava S. Student Council plays a big role in our school and what we do every day!

There is a process you go through in order to get in Student Council. "Students who are interested fill out an application and apply. The teams then read and pick their top five applications. The top five candidates are sent to Mrs. Guy and Mrs Wiebusch who choose from there," said Mrs. Wiebusch. Many people wonder what the teachers are looking for when they select people to be a part of this group. "We are looking for people with great leadership qualities, responsibility, motivated to work and complete projects, willingness to take initiative, good character and role models throughout our school. We also expect our members to always follow the Buffett High Five," said Ms. Guy. The selection process normally tends to happen at the very beginning of first quarter.

Student Council is an amazing opportunity to get involved at our school and make it a better place. "I would strongly recommend others to join Student Council. It is very fun, and the people there are so kind and just want to build stronger relationship with you as friends. You can tell they all want to contribute to our school and the work we do each and every day,” said Britlyn G. It is a place you can come to be surrounded with people who have the same goals and missions for our school. John C. M says, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

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Building a Better School, Community, and Students by Molly B.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a group of students who have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher and who represent their school to the best of their abilities.

NJHS is an after-school activity that meets once a month to plan fundraisers and service projects, build character, and develop leadership skills. Some of the NJHS fundraisers include a toy drive for Open Door Mission and Happy Grams, whic helps fund school-based projects. The students must have at least five hours of community service each quarter and keep their grades high to be able to stay in this group. There are different committees involved in NJHS that come with individual responsibilities. Committees for the 19-20 school year include, Boo Grams and Happy Grams, Read Across America, Special Projects, and Teacher Appreciation. Along with the kids being in committees they have officers who are elected to help run the meetings and activities. Offices include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Students elected into NJHS represent and demonstrate the Five Pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service, and Citizenship. "I feel like students running NJHS gives the organization a fresh and first-hand perspective, because students will have better ideas for the school because they learn there and they know what needs to change and happen," said Rachael C. With the students all involved, and giving their opinion, it creates a good environment, for growth.

By helping around the school and in their community, Bobcats feel a sort of helpful pride. Ella J., president of National Junior Honor Society commented, "In NJHS we focus on making the community a better place by doing service projects, volunteering, helping out around school, and being inspiring role models." Students in NJHS continue to work hard and build character.

NJHS is a wonderful thing to encourage future eighth graders to join. It allows them to be a part of an special group of amazing students and make decisions for themselves. Please consider what might be in place for you if you keep those grades high and strive for 95!

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Buffett Takes the Win by Najya O.

It was the game everyone wanted to see - the Buffet vs. Davis volleyball championship. It was down to the final serve…. who would win?

During this event, as the Bobcats and the Aviators went head to head, the Lady Bobcats started out on top. Then, the Aviators had a change in spirit and came back. It wasn’t until finally the Bobcats wanted it more and pulled away with a strong lead, winning the OPS Volleyball City Championship.

Throughout the season the JV and Varsity Lady Bobcats did an outstanding job. Practices for both teams were tough, and both teams played great. “We worked a lot on serving, serve receive, and coverage. Varsity's practice is a higher level and usually more intense,” said Coach Staberg. Both teams practice for the competition they will come up against, what the team struggles with, and what they need to work on. “JV doesn't usually come across many teams that block or tip, so they focus more on serving and serve receive while Varsity really had to focus on covering all types of balls and more difficult serves and serve receive. Varsity players also tend to be at a higher level, so they need to be pushed to get better. Varsity players work on serving to specific positions on the court while JV might work on getting multiple serves over and in,” said Coach Staberg. Although the two teams practice different, they both worked hard, played hard, and took the wins.

During the championship game you could feel how tense and pressured the two teams were. In the crowd, you could see all the emotions on the spectators’ faces. At one point in the game when the two teams were neck and neck, it was evident that determination and focus were what would win the game.

Although the Aviators brought on some tough competition, some Bobcats felt there was the chance to win by a larger margin. “They could have improved some of their techniques throughout the game to have had a major lead instead of a little.” said Madison C. The Lady Bobcats took home the gold, but they still had opportunities to improve, such as hitting the ball harder over the net, Cude added.

Volleyball is a team sport, and without all members, the team wouldn’t function. Throughout the season, players worked hard on saves, passes, and hits during this game. MacKenna B. said, “My hits got better, like my spiking...I got more confident with it because I just got used to doing it more and I wanted to do it better.” The eighth graders moving on will be missed next year by coaches, players, and many fans.

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He Shoots, He Scores by Ben H.

The Boys basketball games were just a small part or portion of the hard work, dedication and effort put into the basketball season. You may see or watch the games or hear about them but what you don’t know is the behind the scenes of the season. The hard work is much worth it.

Twenty-two select 7th and 8th grade boys competed with other 7th and 8th graders across the Omaha Public Middle School district. Some schools they played were Davis, Lewis and Clark, Norris, and Beveridge.

The home games drew stellar crowds who supported the Buffett team. Leading up to the games the boys practiced every day after school in a rather quiet gym. The practices were about an hour and a half that required hard work and dedication.

The tryouts were very rough but just a start to the new 2019 Boys Basketball season. The tryouts consisted of many drills, a lot of running, and 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5. The first tryouts were 8th grade. Candidates then received a piece of paper that told them to either comeback or that unfortunately they were not chosen. Seventh grade tried out on the following Tuesday, and the final cuts were on a Wednesday. These players were evaluated on "basketball skills...dribbling, shooting, passing, defense etc, along with awareness, hustle, and attitude while grades and behavior were also part of the decision process," said Coach Tingelhoff.

Practices were very tight with not much down time between drills. It got tiring with little downtime between drills, but the team thrived on. Coaches enjoyed practices because it gave them time to teach and learn with the athletes. Players had their favorite drills like “jailbreak” because it was a fun way to use transitions and provide a little bit of rest.

Games made up a small portion of the season, but played a critical role on how it ended. There were road games and home games here at Buffett. Coach Tingelhoff said that he feels that players play better together as a team on the road with less distractions. Buffett varsity didn’t lose a road game this year, but JV did fall short to Nathan Hale by two points while on the road. The boys' basketball team beat Nathan Hale, Norris, Beveridge, Marrs and Bryan Middle. JV beat Norris, Mars, Beveridge, King, and Bryan Middle.

The season allowed coaches to watch the players grow and learn as students not only on the court but also in the classroom. Coach Tingelhoff had difficulties identifying a favorite game, "It's hard to nail down a specific game, I think with the Davis game we learned how well we can play together as a varsity team, especially during the first half. We had a game plan and executed it well for part of the game. It also gave us an idea of the level we needed to play at to compete with the better teams in the city." The season ended on Friday, December 13th with a win against Nathan Hale, the team ended up third place in the district.

The Boys basketball season allowed students to participate in the sport they enjoy; but the dedication and hard work, outweighed multiple parts of the season. Games were just a small portion of the season, although they often get the glory.

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Eat Our Bubbles! by Ella J.

The expected tension that comes with City Finals was all there. Strong swimmers stood shivering in a huddle, waiting to hear the winner of the City Finals. Parents and friends sat behind the glass watching. They had all witnessed the hard work that goes into a meet like this, but how many people realize how much work goes into practice every day for several months? Swimmers work hard every day in the season to do their best at meets.

Seventh and eighth graders were working hard this fall after school at Nathan Hale’s swimming pool. Practices were filled with hard work, and a lot of fun. Swimmers of all levels could join and participate in meets. Meets were held every week and sometimes twice a week. Those who rose to the top had the amazing opportunity to participate in City. The eighth graders won first in City, and the seventh graders won second. Our amazing swimmers have brought home a trophy for Buffett's crowded case almost every year.

This year's coach was Mrs. Staberg, who helped lead the team to a City Finals victory. The swim team accepts anyone who can swim, but they do not have to know how to do all four competitive strokes. Eighth grade swimmer Lauren M. said, "I think that it's more fun when not everyone is the most skilled because I think it's fun to see people improve, but it's also really fun to have skilled people so you can have a good relay." No matter their level of skill, all the team’s members formed special bonds and made lots of memories this season.

Practices are the most important part of the season; it is when the swimmers hone their skills and build their strength to perform the best at meets. Lauren M. describes a normal day at practice, "At practice we usually do a 200 free to warm up. After that we start to do starts and turns in groups. Then we do maybe, 20 25s, then we will do what we are swimming in our meets. We just have a lot of fun." Practices are held at Nathan Hale Middle School’s pool. "If I could change one thing about practice it would be the location from Nathan Hale because it’s a little far away and not the most convenient," said Brielle W. Despite the inconvenient location, swimmers work hard every day at practice with the guidance of their coaches.

All the swimmer’s hard work goes into weekly meets. "Personally, I really like meets because they are super fun, and it's really fun to see my home dogs swim. I also love the competitive feel of it," said competitive swimmer Lauren M. Meets are a chance to change up the monotony of practices and show off all your hard work. Brielle W. says, "I think meets are a lot more fun because it changes it up a little so its competitive rather than just review. It's also fun to watch your teammates do well and cheer them on." No matter if they win every race or not, Buffett swimmers are always energetically cheering on their teammates form the pool deck. Everyone enjoys the feeling of winning a race. Brielle W. said, "From the perspective of someone who doesn’t always win, it gives you a sense of accomplishment to beat people and make a new personal record at meets." Many Bobcat swimmers feel this way, and many are very passionate about the sport. "I really love swimming because it is a good feeling to accomplish something. Sometimes it is really hard, but you have to push through that, and It feels so good to win with your team. I would recommend it to anyone," said Melancon.

The 8th Grade girls ended up winning first place at City, and 7th grade won second. Their hard work during the season payed off, and no matter if they won every one of their races, the swimmers made lasting memories and friendships to hold on to forever.

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Bring On the Cake by Alanna D.

It was a typical day at Alice Buffett Magnet Middle school...until the announcements came on. When Mr. CK announced over the intercom that there would be cake for everyone in the cafeteria that day, many students became excited and couldn’t help but wonder...why? It turns out it was our school district’s birthday that day! Happy 160th birthday, OPS!

Buffett was not the only school who got cake to celebrate, all OPS schools were able to have a slice of cake for this remarkable milestone for Omaha Public Schools. If you usually ate the school lunches, you may have been asked if you wanted some cake. But if you normally bring your own lunch, you were not out of luck. You still got to have a slice of cake by going through the lunch line. You did not have to pay extra for the cake, the cake was free that day for everyone.

With Omaha Public schools turning 160, one of the schools that is still being used today is Central High school. Central was the first OPS high school that was built, the school has been up since 1889 and takes up 10 acres of land. Omaha Public Schools' first ever school was the Saratoga School which was started in 1866. The Saratoga School started off as a one room schoolhouse, and later grew larger in size.

With Omaha slowly building over the years, Omaha Public schools has also been growing too with more people moving to Omaha and more students to teach. OPS started off as a small one room schoolhouse and grew to a total of 94 schools from elementary up to high school as of 2019. Omaha Public Schools strives to be the best and to find new ways to help students learn and have the best and safest experiences at school. To keep students safe at school over the years they have added scan badges for the teachers to enter the building, and the button that must be pressed to enter the building. OPS strives to keep students in a safe learning environment.

After a morning of working hard students headed to the cafeteria to enjoy lunch and talk with friends, and enjoy something extra special in the cafeteria that day, something students had been looking forward to since the morning announcements. Lauren R., 5th grade, said "I was really happy, I listened to the announcements and when ‘cake’ popped out of his mouth I was so happy." Many students shared this same excitement.

What an accomplishment for Omaha Public Schools. With the growth of OPS over the years growing to have almost 100 schools, and over 52,000 students learning in this dynamic district, OPS had a lot to celebrate. For many more years to come, Happy 160th Birthday, OPS!
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Lunch, Lunch . . . It's Bunches of Fun! by Ava W.

Your teachers drop you off and you walk into the cafeteria. You can hear people laughing and talking. You can smell the fresh food made for today's lunch. For many Buffett Bobcats, lunch is the best time of the day.

School lunch is a time for many Bobcats to take a break and socialize. All grades are eligible to sit where they want in their sections at lunch by getting over 95% in attendance each day. Otherwise, they sit with their class at an assigned table. Eighth graders automatically have earned this privilege by being the most seasoned students in the building and enjoy having fun with their friends. Sophia I. said, "It's really nice because nobody has to sit alone at lunch, so they can go sit by their friends." The cafeteria creates an inclusive environment for kids to make new friends.

Many students’ favorite lunches are nachos, pizza, and sandwiches. In the café we always have salads, yogurt, and deli options every day. Some Bobcats eat deli almost every day. "It is a great flavor and I never get tired of eating it," Spencer C. said. Deli is a flavorful sub sandwich that many enjoy. Every school lunch meal comes with a fruit option or juice like an apple or orange. Adding vegetables and fruits to the lunch lines keeps Buffett students healthier and happier.

Some teachers have lunch duty during each lunch block. They see lots of our silly games and fun banter. Mr. CK says, "I see many students having fun with their friends and liking the school lunches." Teachers and staff help with questions or help for Bobcats that might need it. They also help keep things organized and nice for students to enjoy their lunch time.

The cafeteria can be blaring and overwhelming to new Bobcats, but they still find their way. "Once you find your friend group it becomes one of the best times of the day," said an eager fifth grade lunch eater. Eighth graders share similar opinions, "Lunch is still one of the best times of the day and eating with our friends makes it more fun." Students love all the options that are provided in the welcoming cafeteria.

Once the 30 fast-paced minutes are up, students leave the cafeteria and head back to class. Bobcats can be seen smiling and laughing as they get their last words out before they return to learning. Cafeteria employees can be spotted working hard to straighten up and get ready for the next grade to enter, while student volunteer table washers finish washing the tables, all working together to keep the café ole a happy place for all.

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Last Chistmas I Gave You My Heart by Araya F.

As you walk into the typical movie theater with rows and rows of seats, excited for the movie to start, the thrill of the season is in the air. You may have seen the trailer for this holiday movie persistently popping on YouTube, TV show commercials, and almost everywhere. The movie Last Christmas is about a girl who works in a Christmas shop and meets a man that she constantly sees. Kate, one of the lead characters, struggled with keeping a good relationship with her family and moved from place to place because of her situation. With such an intriguing trailer, many people decided to give this movie a chance and see for themselves what the hype was all about. It turns out, they were also in store for an unexpected journey.

Last Christmas has many plot twists that aren't predictable. Kate makes a "friend" that she makes life changing decisions with. She thinks that he is a strange man because of the things he does. She continuously makes mistakes throughout the movie and keeps needing a different place to stay. She works in a Christmas shop and one day sees a man through the window. The man who she meets outside of work is also the man who saves her life.

Throughout November and December many Buffett students saw the trailer for this movie and felt thrown off by it. Taleigha A. stated, "I thought it would be about two people who fell in love, that it would be the only Christmas they could spend together." Many Bobcats had different predictions when they saw the trailer. Some said that they thought it would be a typical romantic Christmas movie. If you've seen it, you know that it is not at all what it seems.

The movie came out mid-November and instantly became popular around school. Ava S. said, "I went because a lot of people were talking about how good it was and how fun it was to see." Bobcats rated the movie on a scale of 1-10. Everyone interviewed rated it above an eight. Students more so thought that it had a not-so-great, depressing ending because it just wasn’t happy. Many considered the movie to overall be great and would go see it again if they could. Taleigha A. said, "Even after seeing the movie three times, I would still go see it again.”

The song in the movie Last Christmas, which is also titled “Last Christmas” by Wham! relates to the movie more than you may think. MacKenna B. said, "The trailer and the movie kind of gave you two different aspects of the movie." Agreeing that the movie can be more tragic than you may assume. After actually listening to the song you may become overtaken with emotion, as Ava S. was. She stated, “There was a scene where I completely lost it and started coughing and sobbing." A few scenes in the movie were from the past. Isabelle J. said her favorite scene was, "When they were in the park or his apartment talking about what happened to them in their lives, it was really cute."

The movie has an interesting and semi-deep plot that sparks emotion in a variety of viewers. The actors make you feel as if you are experiencing the ups and downs of their lives yourself. This movie is highly recommended if you love heartwarming movies.

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We're Frozen Too by Agau B.

On November 22, 2019; almost seven years after the original, Frozen II finally came out! The long-awaited film made a world-wide total of $358.2 million on its opening weekend. Ana, Elsa, and Olaf's adventures brought in many kids and parents to their local movie theaters.

Frozen II is set 3 years after the events of the original movie. Ana, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven set off to find the voice calling for Elsa. During the movie, the nature elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth are thrown off and causes the kingdom of Arendelle causing catastrophes in the royal city when Ana discovers the bridge doesn't stand for what it claims to stand for.

The new movie drew attention from students at Buffett too. Sixth grader Vivienne M. said, "The movie was so good and the soundtrack was better than the original." With songs like "Into the Unknown" and "Show Yourself," who can disagree?

The movie portrays many hidden messages one of which having to do with Olaf saying that he would understand things better when he's older and more mature. "I think that means he's trying to say what the adults say, but Olaf doesn't technically have parents so when things don't make sense he thinks the explanation will come when he is older." said Taleigha A. Olaf continues to make us laugh and show us that our fears usually have an explanation.

All in all Frozen II is definitely worth the 103 minutes. The music and the theme, the animation and the overall story line made its mark and will be a favorite movie to people of all ages.

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TikTok Taking Over by Aubrey D.

You walk down the hallways of Buffett and hear boys and girls talking about the trends, from VSCO girls to the Red Nose. Other students are talking about the users of this app, such as Owen Holt or Brent Rivera, and what they're doing at the moment. The updates, such as new camera additions could be another thing kids are ranting on about. The social media platform that everyone is talking about is TikTok, one of the most popular apps around, which is taking over the social media world.

TikTok is a social media platform that has been currently trending for about the past year. It is an app that you can post short videos on, which can be placed on the For You page, the first thing that pops up when you open up TikTok. Another thing you can do on the app is go into people's lives, or even have your own if you have over 1,000 followers or more. It was formerly known as, but then the creators changed a lot of things, such as how it is set up. TikTok is the beginning most of the current trends, like VSCO, and many other things that are going on. TikTok has over a billion users, which is a large percent of people. You won't find a celebrity nowadays that doesn’t have TikTok, or someone who doesn't know what TikTok is. It is a very popular app right now and most people around the world know what Tik Tok is, or at least have a clue of what it could be.

TikTok is known for being an app that you can post videos on your own account and look at other user's videos. Some people say that TikTok can be an addictive app, from posting multiple videos on a daily basis, to being obsessive about a certain user. You would expect from a normal TikToker, a few videos every day. 8th grader Elizabeth E. states, "I don't really post a lot. I post random stuff when I do." There are some users on TikTok who don't like to post as much, mainly because they don't have the time or they don't want to. Some things on TikTok can make you want to just keep on looking, like trends that are going on at the time, or someone that makes you laugh. It can be a fun app, or it can be an app where you get too crazy, and addicted.

The users on TikTok are a major feature that draws people to the app. Some famous users like Loren Gray and Jacob Sartorius, are included in top 5 most followed. People sometimes get famous or popular from the For You page, and some people were already famous figures before TikTok. People's videos don't always have to go viral to be a popular creator, it could be because a lot of people know who you are, or people recommend you to others. All people who are on TikTok, except for people who have private accounts, are eligible to get on the For You page, determined by the amount of likes and views the video gets. It doesn’t matter how many followers the person has, but it can get the person more. One person who has gotten famous because of the For You page is Owen Holt, many of his videos have gone viral. There are a lot of other people who have gotten viral from the For You Page.

TikTok is the app right now that is trending above the rest of social media. During next passing period, you could find students talking about TikTok, and all of the things surrounding it!

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The Life of Billie Eillish by Elizabeth E.

Billie Eilish is a seventeen year-old singing sensation. Teens all over the world are listening to Billie's music. Billie has many hit songs like: "Bad Guy", "Lovely", "Ocean Eyes", and "When the Party's Over". The radio stations are always playing Billie's music. She released her debut album in March 2019. Her net worth is already 5-6 million dollars.

Billie Eilish was born in a talented family. Her parents; Maggie Baird and Patrick O' Connell are successful actors. At a young age Billie became a part of the Los Angeles Children's Chorus. She started creating music at the age of 11, she was inspired greatly by her older brother, Phineas. At the age of 13, Billie recorded her first song, "Ocean Eyes". She turned it in to her dance instructor to make choreography for it. When she uploaded it, it blew up overnight getting over 1,000 views. She later received a record deal with Darkroom and Interscope Records. Her song, "Ocean Eyes", has a spot on the Billboard Top 100.

Teens are falling in love with Billie's music because her style is so unique. "She has a unique face, there's not much people like her," says Brittany Samples. Her style of music is also what is making everyone enjoy her so much. She uses multiple styles of music in her albums so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Billie Eilish has received so much praise for her work in the music industry. Billie is the youngest person ever to manage to receive Grammy Nominations in all the main category's (Album of The Year, Best New Artist, Record of The Year, Song of The Year, Best Pop Album and Best Pop Solo Performance). Many radio stations also play Billie's hit song, "Bad Guy", all the time on the radio. Her music videos have reached millions of views on YouTube.

Billie Eilish has made a huge influence on our music today. Billie will continue to inspire people to follow their dream and create music.
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Holiday Hits by Ava S.

Imagine, it's a cold winter day and you wake up to find that there is no school. So, you decide to grab some hot cocoa and have a Christmas movie marathon. Elf, Polar Express, Last Christmas, and many more you watch for hours. Christmas movies play a big part in most people's holidays because of how they make them feel the holiday joy.

Many people watch Christmas movies around the holidays, but a few tend to watch them year-round. Usually, people like Christmas movies because of the humor, romance, comfort, and the holiday spirit. The students of Buffett prefer movies with humor, while the adults prefer movies with romance or someone learning about Christmas spirit.

People like Christmas for several different reasons. Some people like the aspect of the weather, others like the traditions that come with it. "I love the cold because then I can wear layers and blankets and feel cozy." said 8th grader Araya F. Others, like Will N., said that they "like spending time with my family because family is important to me." Many students have important traditions relating to Christmas. "I have Christmas parties on both sides of my family every year and I get to see all of my distant family members which is really fun." said student Kieran T. Christmas is a great way to have fun with family and be grateful for what you have.

One of the many Christmas traditions for most Buffett students is watching Christmas movies. "My favorite Christmas movie is The Christmas Story because I like wearing the bunny costume and watching it with my family" said 7th grader Maddox G. The Grinch, The Polar Express, Christmas Carol, Last Christmas, and The Elf are by far the most popular among the interviewees. The new hit movie, Last Christmas was the most frequently mentioned movie, but many others liked the classics that everybody knew and watched as kids.

So why like the movies that you do? Well, most students like the cozy feeling they give off and how they put them in the Christmas spirit. Others, like the traditions that come along with them. "Christmas movies are special to me and my family because we have a movie marathon every December up until Christmas. It is a good way to bond with my parents and sister and puts us all in a good mood." said Riya K.

Christmas movies are a great addition to the holidays for many Bobcats. Even though Christmas is only one day out of the year, it is obvious that it spreads joy for more than that. Laura O. said, "I like watching Christmas Movies year-round because they make me excited for the winter!" Enjoy your holidays!

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Disney + Streaming = Success? by Jaden C.

"The best stories in the world, all in one place." You might recognize this quote, or you might not. This is Disney +'s catchphrase. To catch anybody up, Disney + is Disney's glossy new streaming service, which released November 12th. It had already gained over 10 million users on launch day alone. With the likes of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all in the same service, there is sure to be something everyone can enjoy on Disney +. I'm not advertising Disney + (even if it might sound like I am), I'm just here to tell everyone about its existence. Now, that’s not about the general presence of Disney +, it’s about the impact it's had on the streaming service industry, and the entire television business as a whole.

To begin, it's time for a little history lesson. This journey didn't just start with Disney executives sitting in a circle and discussing their next phase for taking over the world through the creation of their streaming service, oh not at all. It started with Disney executives sitting in a circle and discussing their next phase for taking over the world through buying out 20th Century Fox.

Discussions for a merger between the two companies began on August 9th, 2017, when 21st Century executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and Disney CEO Bob Iger met in Los Angeles. At some point during this conversation, the idea of a possible “strategic transaction” between the two companies came up. Through all the nitty-gritty details in between, we arrive at today, where the Disney / Fox merger has been completed.

This led to the release of Disney +, which features many Fox properties on the streaming service, such as The Simpsons. Just because Disney + has movies and TV shows from all over their extensive grasp on entertainment all in one spot, doesn't mean people will immediately jump on-board with the idea. "I was thinking it was kind of impossible. Then when the actually made it happen, it was nice, and then it was crazy that everything, EVERYTHING was on there," said eighth grader Stella C-K. With streaming services being such a big part of today's media consumption, it makes sense for people to say something like that.

With things such as Netflix and Hulu in almost every household, finding the opinion of someone who doesn’t use streaming services might be just as important as someone who binges shows on Netflix every day. "At first I thought it was dumb, but now I think it's not dumb," eighth grader Grace R. said. It's not uncommon to think many people found Disney + as something that could flop, but with all the things to watch, plus Disney originals on the platform, people’s opinions quickly changed. "I like it a lot because it has many different movies than just Netflix movies, and I've watched a ton of them. It's super fun to watch old movies that was a part of my younger childhood," said Stella C-K. Not to mention, Disney + is one of the cheapest streaming services right now. At $6.99 a month, that's cheaper than Netflix ($8.99 a month) and Hulu without ads. ($11.99 a month)

Now, Disney + seems to have gained a lot of traction over the past few weeks. Even though it was released only on November 12th, many people are enjoying it, and even saying it might be their favorite streaming service right now. In response to what her favorite streaming service was, Stella C-K responded with, "probably Disney Plus at the moment. It has a lot of different movies. It has animated movies, National Geographic, live action, documentaries, and stuff I like that. There are all the ones I saw in my earlier ages and I can see now, and I can take a different look at them. For example, The Good Dinosaur is a very good movie, but I didn’t realize it was a good movie until I watched it again." From Star Wars to the Simpsons found on Disney +, it might seem like people have reasons for what they say.

Even if Disney + is at the top of everyone's list, it doesn't mean the service is without flaw. "I think I would like to improve the selection. I feel like it would be nice to have every movie be created in the world, and then we could pick through them, but in like certain parts," said Stella C-K. Even with minute issues people have with Disney +, it still seems like this streaming service is here to stay.

With it established through critics and consumers that Disney + is a real contender in the streaming service market, people are excited now more than ever to start streaming. "I think more people are going to choose Disney + over other services," said Grace R. From Disney + originals, to kid's TV shows, and anything in between, it'll be very interesting to see where Disney +, and the entire streaming service industry goes from here.

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Our Favorite Shows are Leaving by Elizabeth B.

You get home from school and immediately sit down on your couch. You turn your TV straight to Netflix. As you scroll through the endless rows of shows you notice something different. Two of your most favorite shows are gone- Friends and The Office! They have left Netflix to join NBC's own streaming service. The two shows leaving has many of the fans upset.

The Office and Friends are two of the most popular shows in the U.S. The easiest way to stream the shows has always been through Netflix. Recently it has been announced that the two shows will be leaving the streaming service to join NBC's very own streaming service. The shows will be off Netflix around January of 2020, (the official time frame has not been released). Tons of people are disappointed with this, including some of our very own Buffett Bobcats.

The two shows leaving is not making very many students happy. Sixth grader Audrey B. said, "It makes me really mad and annoyed that Friends and The Office are leaving Netflix, because they are my two favorite shows and I have no idea how I am going to watch them now." Unless students purchase the NBC app there will be no other way for them to binge the shows.

Students had a hard time deciding what show they liked better. "I like them both, but probably like The Office better. I like it better because it is so funny, and the humor in it is dumb humor and things that I think are the funniest ever." Bassett told us. While Grace R. prefers Friends, "I like friends better because I think that it is funnier and more enjoyable to watch." The shows have been popular since they first aired, in the early 2000's or the 90's.

Now that the shows are leaving people have to find something else to start binge watching. "I think I'm going to start binge watching the show Cold Cases because it is cool and interesting to learn about real things that have happened, and all the work put into solving them." Bassett said. A lot of other shows are leaving along with Friends and The Office.

The Office and Friends are very popular shows among the students at Buffett. Not everyone is excited about the shows leaving, but we don’t get much of a choice.

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