Breckenridge Colorado

Ski Resort City


Breckenridge, Colorado is the perfect vacation destination with it's magnificent mountains and joyful downtown. In this gorgeous city it has lots of fairly cold mountains, but it is actually quite warm in the city. This city has local shops, restaurants, even their own little crep place!
Breckenridge, CO


This magnificent city is right in the center of Colorado. Breckenridge, Colorado is

39.4996 ° latitude and 106.0433° longitude. Breckenridge is in the western united states. It is just west of the Continental divide in summit county.


Breckenridge is in the middle of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are a beautiful place for many outdoor activities.


People from Breckenridge get around town by cars, buses, bikes, and my personal favorite the gondolas! The gondolas are fairess wheel like carts with roofs that are pulled from place to place by a big wire

Human/ enviorment interaction

Since Breckenridge is in the Rocky Mountains they ski and snowboard a lot. they also hike, Mountain bike, and do cross- country skiing