Being Internet Safe

Created by Jason Steinbach

What you think and how it is

Many kids have Facebook, and don't realize some of the risks about having a social networking account. Some people don't realize the severity of the risks that come with having an account. You think that nobody can see you, or find out where you live. There are a lot of companies that use the information you provide on Facebook. If you noticed Facebook is, "Free." But in reality Facebook is selling your information which is why they make so much money.

Do you know what to post onine?

Once you post something online it is permanently there. Even if you hit the, "remove" or "delete" button it is still out there. Someone could have saved the image to there phone. When you post things online it could affect you in the future when you go to apply for a college or a job.

Protecting yourself

There are laws protecting you, its the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act helps keep anyone from getting a childs info without permission from the parent and them knowing about it first
Online Safety: Facebook safety for Kids