The Giver Projects

By: Oliveah

Choice #1 day 3

Choice #2 Day 6

My Dream: When I got off the bus I was walking home. The front door was locked so I walked around to the back to the patio. This guy grabbed my arm I told him not to touch me.(He was tall he had tattoos all over his arms and a drink in his hand). He tried to kidnap me but when I was trying to run away this girl and another guy popped up and they started chasing me. They got me and threw me in the trunk. When the car stopped they opened the trunk and grabbed me but I escaped and ran home. They followed me when I got home I locked all the doors and ran into a closet and hide behind the coats and shoes. When they got there they got in because the girl had a key then they started to try and find me so they put motion detectors around the house so if I got out they would go off and they would run in. Then my parents were knocking on the front door but I couldn't go unlock it or they would come running in. Then I woke up.

Choice #1 Day 9