Chelsea's Ride

Patricia G. Penny


Chelsea Davison, the popular girl who Danny Waddell has a major crush on, she doesn't feel the same way about him until her mom and dad grounded her from her car.


Chelsea had got grounded from driving unresponsibly. She kept geting in car accidents. Her parents have grounded her from driving for a while until she could drive responsibly without getting in accedents. She had then used Danny Waddell, someone who she would consider a "freak" for driving her around.


This all happens in High school, like all the drama happens right? This happens when Chelsea's mother had grounded her, she had realized that Danny would drive her anywhere she needed. She had tooken advantage of him!


This all happens in a small town, driving to school, to work, even simple places such as the store.


Chelsea need someone to drive her places, she no longer could drive after a couple accidents, she went to Danny, the only person who would bend over backwards for her.