Arecibo Observatory

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

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The Arecibo Radio Telescope

The Telescope is made up of a parabolic reflector with a tower to hold all of its equipment at the telescope's focus point. It has a 1,000 foot diameter, making it the worlds largest single aperture telescope.

The Telescope is the only one located at the Arecibo Observatory.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Arecibo Radio Telescope views the sky in Radio Waves

These waves are 3cm to 1m long

Major Discoveries

It is the first telescope to get a direct image of an asteroid.

It is the first telescope to find an accurate rotation rate of Mercury.

Sent out the Arecibo Message, which was an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial life.

Current Research

The telescope is currently researching the prebiotic molecules methanimine and hydrogen cyanide in galaxy Arp 220.

All of this data is collected through radio waves.


Arecibo, Puerto Rico is a great place for an observatory since they are close to the equator and can see about 40% of the sky