Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

By: Jude Sotelo

When she was born and so forth

On Febuary 3, 1821 Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Bristol, England. She was the third child out of 9 children. Samuel Blackwell & Hannah Lane were her parents. Then she moved to U.S.A when she was 11. When she 17 her father died then after that Elizabeth wanted to take medical. The reason why she became a doctor is because men don't understand women's problems with the body. If a women says it hurts somewhere the man will just say you have a cramp. Elizabeth helped many women.

Moving On To The Real Life

Elizabeth Blackwell became a doctor in 1849. She was a doctor of obstetrics & gynecology. Obsterics is the study of pregnacy. If you want to know if your baby is alive back in the day you put oil in a cone and you listen for the heart beat. Gynecology is the study of women parts. She work at La Maternite. La Maternite was in Paris. Elizabeth never fell in love but she did adopt a child named Kitty Barry. At age 36 Elizabeth opened an infirmary. One of Elizabeth's first student, Sophia Jex-Blake made an infirmary like Elizabeth. Elizabeth also was the first one to talk about proper hygiene. Then later on Florence introduced proper hygiene. Elizabeth Blackwell didn't win awards but she did had a award based on her the Blackwell Award. The Blackwell Award is given to women who helped humanity in all her lifetime.

The Final Stage

Elizabeth retired from medicine at age 56. She met Rebeeca Cole. Rebbeca Cole is the first African-American Doctor. Elizabeth wrote a chapter about medicine that encourges women to also become a doctor. Elizabeth Blackwell was persistent to become the first lady doctor. She is very inspiring to many women like how she probably inspired Sophia Jex-Blake to open an infirmary. She did many helpful things in her life like opening a infirmary for kids and women. Then in 1910, sadly Elizabeth died in Hasting, United Kingdom in her house. Elizabeth will be remembered from all her hard work. She is very helpful to the world helping many men and women.