Written by Chelsey Shannon

Chelsey Summary

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The book Chelsey is about a teenage girl who has to overcome the obstacle of her fathers murder. After Chelsey's father is murdered, she must decide if she's going to live in California with her aunt, or if she wants to live with her grandparents and other aunt in Cincinnati Ohio. Chelsey decides to live in Cincinnati with her aunt and grandparents. Next Chelsey has to decide if she should go to a regular high school or SCPA. Chelsey ends up attending SCPA. SCPA is a high school for teens who are specialized in the arts. It takes Chelsey awhile, but she ends up making a best friend, and ends up loving her life.


First Chelseys mother dies when Chelsey is five years old. Then a week before Chelseys fourteenth birthday her father is murdered at a hotel in St.Thomas. Later on Chelsey thinks about moving out to California to live with her aunt Trish, but decides to live with her other aunt in Cincinnati Ohio. Chelsey joins a school called SCPA that specializes in all of the arts. Finally Chelsey makes a best friend at SCPA during her second year there.
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Compare and Contrast

In the book Chelsey, Chelsey has to decide if she's going to live in California or Cincinnati Ohio. If she lives in California she'll be with her favorite Aunt. Although, she'd be far away from her friends, grandparents, and other aunt. If she decides to live in Cincinnati she'll be close to her old friends and close to a lot more of her family. The problem with living in Cincinnati is that Chelsey and her other aunt don't get along at all. The similarity between both of the two options is that nomatter where she goes, Chelsey will be living with an aunt. Though it was a very difficult decision for Chelsey to make, she finally chose to live in Cincinnati, Ohio with her grandparents and aunt.


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Cause And Effect

The fact that Chelsey's father is murdered severely impacts Chelsey and her life. First off Chelsey has to decide where she wants to live, sunny California or bustling Cincinnati Ohio. Then she becomes very sad and depressed, but Chelsey eventually got out of her depression. Finally Chelsey decides whether or not she wants to remain Catholic or not, because Chelsey's father's murder makes Chelsey wonder if there's really a God.

Chelsey Opinion/Definition

I personally disliked the book Chelsey. The first reason that i disliked the book was because of her negativity towards Christianity. Chelsey kept putting God, Jesus, and the holy spirit down. The second reason why I disliked the book is because she constantly cussed. The only thing that I liked about this book was that Chelsey was brave enough to put her story out into the world for people to read and be inspired by. So overall, the book was a big letdown.