3rd Grade Weekly Update

November 16th-20th

ACTION Item! Please complete the following Google Form as soon as possible!

Weekly Objectives

Reading- I can identify the elements of a drama.

Writing- I can brainstorm ideas for a poetry composition.

Math-I can represent and solve multi-step word problems.

Science-I can explain the difference between the types of energy and give examples of each.

I can identify what causes earthquakes and how they change the land.

Social Studies- I can identify and describe similarities and differences found within various cultures.


Your child can use their IXL account at home and practice the addition and subtraction sections.


Video to Review Multi-Step Word Problems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z7Y1FYZ1jc

Practice for Multi-Step Word Problems:


Vocabulary Website to Practice at Home

Click on the green book. We are working on unit 5.



COUGAR CAMPOUT HOMEWORK- (practicing logging in and accessing Schoology at home)

Sign on to your writing teacher's Schoology class. Find the folder that says-Cougar Campout. Complete the discussion post on the life principle of the week. Please complete by next Friday, November 20th.

Reading- We will take our District Assessment on Wednesday and Thursday. This test will cover fiction, folktales, and drama.

Writing- No spelling words or quiz this week!

Math-Unit 2 District Assessment on Addition and Subtraction Wednesday, November 18th *We have been reviewing the last few days in class. If you would like your child to practice at home, use the suggested Math websites above or the link below for a Study Guide.


Science-Energy Unit Assessment-November 17th

Study Guide to review concepts (we will also be reviewing in class on Monday)


Social Studies- None

Reminder: Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break is the 23rd-27th.

3rd Grade Angel Tree Sign Up:

Please open the link for information about our families we are supporting this year! Thanks for spreading holiday cheer to those in need.


Checking Grades Online

Please make sure you are checking your child's grades on TAC. If you have any questions or concerns on grades, please email your child's teacher and we will set up a time to discuss. Thank you-3rd Grade Team