Digital Citizenship Project

Vince D. P:5

Rule #1 THINK Before You Post

Is it True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?

Rule #2 Advertisements and Information

Some advertisements can be trusted, but most can't be trusted, because it may make you give your personal information and spam your email.

Rule #3 Social Media

Don't put all of your identity in your social media, because people that you don't want to see it may see it.

Rule #4 Being Online

Be kind, don't tell anyone your identity, and don't tell anyone your passwords or email.

Rule #5 Don't be a Bully

Being a cyberbully is the same as being a bully in reality.

Rule #6 Don't Copy and Paste

Plagiarism is bad, but if your put "quotation marks" around the sentence or paragraph and put where you got it from like the website or the page number from a book, you're safe!

Rule #7 Copyright

You need to ask the owner of a picture, video, and others to use someone's posted thing from the internet .