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Success, Cumulative result of the 10 skills

Success, Cumulative result of the 10 skills

Whatever you end up doing, the result is always because of the skills you have developed over the years. Skill when backed by your efforts can land the world below your foot. There are a bunch of jerks who believe that the skills they possess are at the ultimate level. This is not true! Our skills have to be practiced and strengthened constantly and continuously. Developing one’s set of expertise is the best example of being rational and realistic.

Transferable skills - Transferable skills are those skills that are acquired and when can easily fit in any other domain. Communication skills are more crucial that fix in easily in most of the domain. The skills that adapt easily to new environment are transferable skills.

Probing Skills – Probing are questioning techniques that help us to understand the requirements better. Asking right questions at the right time is what it teaches. Probing are of various types. They can be done using open questions or closed questions. Few probing usage are - What? Why? When? Who? How?

Decoding – another essential component for probing is decoding. Decoding refers to understanding what others say. Listening skills comes into play by default. Active listening should be inculcated in our etiquette’s. Listening is a broader phenomenon; it means attentively hearing and perceiving the meaning behind words. If the above three things are possessed by an individual then it becomes easier for him to present themselves in front of the world.

Expression – It is not necessary to open up every time just to show your presence. Wait for others to give their opinions and speak out only if you have something good to contribute. Interrupting others is also not an activity to be encouraged, we must be patient enough to listen to what others have to express. It could be that they have already provided a solution to our interrogation.

Interpersonal skills – when it comes to organization it is highly recommended to develop interpersonal skills. It comes handy for us to be a team player in the Online Rummy Game. And statistics have proved that team work results in better productivity when compared with individual effort. It is just another fancy way to express how to get along with others, communicate with them, work with them or play with them. For a healthy competition it is very crucial to have interpersonal skills. If you are well versed in a subject then it is your moral duty to teach others. Interpersonal skills are highly effective in doing so.

Initiator – To be a leader, you must first be an initiator. Kick Starting an event is the most desired quality of a leader. This shows his confidence and removes doubts regarding the uncertainties.

All the above mentioned qualities have to be developed by each and every individual of this society. This will facilitate him to excel in all walks of life. Including secondary activities like 13 Card Online Rummy.

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A player without skill is like a man in ocean. A skilled 13 card game player will refrain to showcase his reliability on a raft instead he will escape the waves and roars of the sea with his ability to swim against the tide.

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