Bubble Trouble

Unique, Interactive, Audience Participates in Creating Art

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Bubble Trouble

A bubble volcano. Bubble roller coaster. A kid in a bubble? Jeff Boyer takes bubbles to the max in this one-man bubble extravaganza. It’s the craziest, most creative bubble show around. Jeff juggles bubbles, sculpts and builds with bubbles, makes fog-filled bubbles and more. Mixing comedy, music and interactive bubble-magic, he engages and delights audiences of all ages. A hit at performing arts centers, festivals…anywhere there’s air!

Meets Common Core Standards for The Arts and Science

Excellent Detailed Age Appropriate Curriculum Guides Available

Sensory Friendly Version with Support Materials

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Availability March 2016 through June 2018
  • Ask $3,000 un-routed performance day
  • $2,500 for routed performance days
  • $1,750 for multiple shows per day

Jeff Boyer Productions

Jeff Boyer is a proven crowd pleasing performer engaging, amusing and educating audiences for over 21 years. He’s enjoyed being part of ensemble casts and being a one man show including musical theatre, drama, comedy, science and magic performance. He founded Jeff Boyer Productions in 1999 and has been wowing audiences internationally with bubbles, science, and comedy ever since.

In 1999 Jeff began creating bubble shows that raise audience participation to a new level. The evolution of this unique inclusiveness and interactive art separates Bubble Trouble from other bubble shows, thrills audiences and builds lasting school communities.