Humans Impact on the Environment

Are we improving our Earth? Or setting it up for disaster?

Our Environment

Morris K. Udall once stated "The more we exploit nature, the more our options are reduced, untill we have only one: to fight for survival." This demonstrates that man is abusing the Earth to the extent that it is on the verge of being destroyed, causing survival of the fittest to take its course. This is reflected upon todays environment. There are an abundant amount of poor impacts man has made on the environment.Many of these impacts are so sever that even with the proper change in mans actions, the Earth would still be marked for disaster.

Negative or Positive

The Earth consist of more than six billion humans. With such a large population peoples actions begin to have a significant impact on environment.It is clear that most of these impacts are hazard to the biosphere. However, there are a group of people that believe that if we are capable of weakening the earth then we're as capable of saving it too. Nevertheless, they're also quite a few people that believe with all the damage man has caused towards Earth there is no room for improvement and feel the environment is setup for failure even if there was a sudden change in mans actions.

Mother Nature vs Industries

Mother Nature vs Industries

Throughout life the biosphere has been tampered with by the interference of man kind. Although the production of industries blossom people fail to realize that is causing destruction within our environment. One of these destructions is the increase in pollution. Over time as more industies are built they produce smog into the atmosphere causing air pollution. Pollution can cause many changes in the Earth. For example global warming. Pollution releases gases into the environment that act as a sheild and trap heat into the Earth.This is known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when sunlight hits the earth and is reflected or becomes heat. However, only very little heat can escape due to co2 and other gases( caused by pollution) in the atmosphere, trapping most of the heat in keeping the earth warm. This can cause significant increases in climate resulting to melting of polar ice caps and the rise of sea levels. With this in mind this shows how humans can cause a negative chain reaction in the biosphere. A lot of this activity has been occurring recently that it makes it even more impossible to help support the earth.


Deforestation has been played a major role in environmental issues. Deforestation is the removal of a forest usually replaced with an urban area. Although about 30% of the Earth is covered with forest, 70% of land animals live there. There has been an increasing amount of species becoming extinct due to deforestation. This is one negative effect this has on our environment. Another issue is soil erosion. Since trees are being cut down the soil isn't protected by their shade and is becoming dryed out. Making matters worse , the rain or wind can wash the soil away (soil erosion). This can cause land to become severely damaged to the point that there would be no way of saving it. These are some damages humans have made that are irreparable to, the environment.

Positive Effects on the Environment

There are many factors that encourage the idea that the environment is damaged to the extent that it cannot be salvaged. Although, there are some things people can do in order to improve our environmental conditions. Many of these actions are simple steps that can be done on an everyday basis.For instance recycling. Recycling can help in the decrease of pollution and reducing landfill and energy consumption.People can also help the planet by switching to florissant light bulbs saving electricity. This shows that people can help save the Earth however, it will be time consuming inorder to fix years of damage caused in our biosphere.

All Hope is Lost

In conclusion to this topic, our environment is overexposed to harm caused by man kind. There are many ideas that can lead to the improvement of the world but there are even more factors going against it . Based on the rapid growth of the human population and their ignorant behavior it seems impossible for the environment to benefit from our actions.