Time travel to the past

By Isabel Campos And Karen Lem

Time traveling to the past

Do you wanna travel to the past?! "come on down to Paleozoic era museum if you want to find out more information".Come back with us 542-488 million years if you want to have fun. Tickets will just be 15 dollars,This is a once in a lifetime ladies and gentleman the only time you will be able to time travel in the past.Bring some breathable close because we will be under water most of time and when we go to the land it will be pretty warm.Bring your swim suits you will be able to swim with the fishes! Make sure to stick with the at ALL costs it might look safe but some stuff is hazardous to touch.

pictures of the Paleozoic era

some those pictures are from the Paleozoic time period,Those are some of the fishes you will be viewing during the trip.One of the most amazing creature in that time period is the trilobites.Have fun!!!!!!!