Kangaroo Update

October 11, 12, 13, 2016

A Peek at Our Week

This week, we learned about pumpkins and bats. After reading books about the life cycle of pumpkins, we sequenced photos of the steps a pumpkin takes to grow from seed to ripe pumpkin. The skill of sequencing is an important early childhood skill that we will continue to work on throughout the year in a variety of ways.

Another skill we are working hard on is our ability to correctly hold a scissors and cut paper. We encourage you to have a scissors available at home for your child to have assisted and supervised cutting time. Paint samples from home improvement stores are a great tool for cutting practice. They are firm enough for little hands to easily hold and small enough that at the lines can be cut with only a few snips of a scissors, allowing for a feeling of success!

We are continuing to work on holding a pencil with a correct grip. This week, we traced shapes and transferred shapes from one piece of paper to another, copying the shapes we traced onto a blank space. We also learned about the letter Oo and "rainbow" wrote both upper and lowercase O's.

We strengthened our fine motor muscles using Q-tips to Q-tip paint the letter Q.

We continue to discuss what it looks and sounds like to be kind and to use our manners. We look for opportunities to teach about kindness and being polite during all of our class time interactions. We discuss ways to handle our frustration and to move our feelings from the yellow zone to the green zone. Some of the strategies we use are deep breathing, giving ourselves a hug, squeezing our hands together, taking a break in a quiet place or maybe even some alone-time coloring to calm ourselves down.

Conference Forms Sent Home

Conference forms were sent home on Wednesday. Thank you for taking the time to complete the form and send them back to school at your earliest convenience. Conferences are a opportunity for us to discuss how your child is adjusting to the Kangaroo Room and how he/she is feeling about school. We can discuss goals for the upcoming school year and discuss all that there is to celebrate about your preschooler! I look forward to meeting with you!

Luke was our STAR of the week!