Meanwhile in 2016...

The Modern Music Taste of Pride and Prejudice's Characters

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Personality in the Modern World
  • Son of a rich family who holds high expectations
  • Successful student who excels in class but is insecure about his relationships
  • Constantly tries to live up to expectations of a good high school student by being a decent athlete along with being smart
  • Due to his high level of achievement, he compensates for his fear of losing his accomplishments by being controlling of others
  • Labeled as egotistic due to his 'know-it-all' impression on those who don't understand his constant need to be successful

Music Choice

  • Values emotional content of lyrics over the rest of the music
  • Sympathizes with artists on his inability to make emotional connections with anybody due to his insecurities over whether he's truly successful
  • Enjoys heavier music that encompasses more hateful messages in order to release the frustration that would otherwise be deemed 'wrong' by society
A Day To Remember - Life @ 11 (Audio)
Song Choice in Relation to the Novel

  • "I'm a slave to all these voices in my head" reflect his feelings toward Elizabeth, unable to control his feelings that do not necessarily satisfy societal expectations
  • Over-exaggerates the internal conflict of his need to confess his love which is inhibited by his inability to communicate; important because he makes the situations worse for himself sometimes by dwelling on his feelings sometimes

Elizabeth Bennet

Personality in Modern World

  • Independent thinker who challenges norms as opposed to conforming to them
  • Enjoys creating visual art and fashion to describe her individuality to others
  • Lack of the presence of her parents in her childhood caused her to grow very emotionally attached to a close group of small friends
  • Besides art class, she is unmotivated in school unless prompted with real-life applications of problem-solving

Music Choice

  • Very alternative to go against mainstream hip-hop and pop
  • Loves listening to deep chords and musical lines that inspire creativity
  • Sings a lot in by herself to her favorite songs, but hides it from other people

Paws - Sore Tummy
Song Choice in Relation to the Novel

  • Real meaning of lyrics exemplifies her denial to acknowledge her love for Mr. Darcy
  • Emotion matches her overall caring for many characters in the novel that can sometimes be overshadowed by her prejudice

Charles Bingley

Personality in the Modern World

  • Met Darcy through playing sports in elementary school; always told Darcy how much better he was than himself
  • Involved in Student Gov/Clubs to make lots of friends as opposed to concentrating himself to a small group
  • Loves to be in leadership positions in order to see others be built-up
  • Judges his success based on the happiness of others

Music Choice

  • Does not share a substantially deep connection with music
  • Listens to music mainly when he is happy or needs to be productive
  • Influenced by his friends (@Jane OTP) who show him music, but does not do much discovering himself
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (Album Version)
Song Choice in Relation to the Novel

  • Matches the naivety of his personality but also portrays the happiness created by his initial arrival at Netherfield
  • "Let's get this started girl..." Elizabeth acknowledges his affection towards Jane and his eagerness to fall in love with her (sadly he was...persuaded against her return of the feeling)

Jane Bennet

Personality in the Modern World

  • Took on mother figure because of the lack of parenting towards her younger siblings
  • Embraces her musical talents, and loves performing for others: definitely in choir
  • Admired by her teachers for doing good work, although she does not often challenge herself academically- she would rather take her time to help her classmates in lower level classes find interest and understanding in school
  • Takes any opportunity to do volunteer-work in order to give back

Music Choice

  • Interested in discovering new music often, even if she constantly replaces favorite bands: looks into new forms of Indie
  • Forms emotional connections to songs based on personal relationships she has had with people during that phase of her music
  • Anything Bingley listens to
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
Song Choice in Relation to the Novel

  • Happy song about waking up to the perfect person, just like Jane tries to believe the best in all people
  • Rich tone and bubbly riffs outline Jane's never-failing love for others