you should come to Texas!!!

by:Koren Shannon

why you should come~History of Texas

The recorded History of Texas begins with the first arrival of Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) in the region now known as Texas in 1519, who found the region populated by various Native Americans tribes.

these are imporntent people who made Texas what it is today

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what happen for Texas to become the way it is

Battle of the Alamo

it was February 23 of 1836,the defenders held out for 13 day against Santa Anna's army.Then cannons and small arms fire from inside the Alamo, then the Mexicans scaled the walls and rushed in to the compound. But eventually the Mexicans won the war because the Americans ran out of fire armor and gun powder and cannons so they just all died

interesting facts about Texas back then

  1. On December 20, 1835 the first Declaration of Texas Independence was signed in Goliad and the first flag of Texas Independence was hoisted.

2.Texas is also known as the 'Lone Star' State. It achieved its independence from Mexico in 1836. It is the 28th State to join the Union of USA, in the year 1845. It is a Spanish name, from an Indian word, meaning 'friends' or 'allies'.