Pediatric oncologists, or pediatric hematologist/oncologists, are physicians who treat infant, child and adolescent patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or blood disorders. Their training consists of a 3-year residency in pediatrics after graduation from medical school, followed by a 3-year pediatric hematology-oncology fellowship. Their work usually involves research and teaching in addition to seeing patients. They need leadership skills and the ability to work with others. Counseling families and talking to their young patients are also part of this job.


While the average salary for pediatricians is around $175,000, that of pediatric specialists is typically higher. Pediatricians with at least 3 years experience who are specialized in neurology or oncology/hematology can typically earn up to $250,000, while pediatric surgeons typically earn$400,000-$500,000 a year

2 colleges that offer your major

. Stanford University in California

Duke University in Durham, NC

Baylor College of Medicine

Projectd job outlook for 2020

Projected Job Growth (2012-2022)*18% (for all doctors and surgeons)