VCS East Hawk Talk -Special Edition

March 12, 2021

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Schedule for 3/22-3/26 & 3/29-4/2


  • Monday, 3/22: Cohort A in person
  • Tuesday, 3/23: Cohort B in person
  • Wednesday, 3/24: All students will be remote
  • Thursday, 3/25: NO SCHOOL--Virtual Conferences & Bag Pick Up for Remote Students
  • Friday, 3/26: NO SCHOOL


  • Monday, 3/29: Cohort A in person
  • Tuesday, 3/30: Cohort A in person
  • Wednesday, 3/31: Cohort B in person
  • Thursday, 4/1: Cohort B in person
  • Friday, 4/2: All students will be remote

Download the Hybrid Calendar below for the rest of the school year.

We're first!

Check out the images below to see some of the safety features we have in place!

Dress Code

In order to maintain a school environment which is safe and conducive to learning, all clothing must be appropriate so as not to disrupt the learning environment and not interfere with the health, safety and welfare of any person. Below are the parameters for 4th quarter dress code. Please note that uniforms are still very important to us at VCS, but considering the current climate with the Pandemic we are not requiring them for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.


ACCEPTABLE: jeans (any color), sweatpants, cargo pants, athletic shorts

NOT ACCEPTABLE: ripped or torn pants; leggings


ACCEPTABLE: T-shirts (appropriate logos permitted), collared shirts, hoodies/spirit wear


  • Inappropriately sheer, tight or low-cut clothing (e.g., spaghetti straps, midriffs, halter tops, half-shirts/crop tops, backless clothing, tube tops, garments made of fishnet, mesh or similar material, muscle shirts, etc.) that bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, back and breasts
  • T-shirts with inappropriate logos like villains, R rated TV/movie characters (like Deadpool or Thanos)
  • Tank Tops
  • Muscle Shirts


ACCEPTABLE: modest skirts/dresses, low heal shoes, sandals

Not Acceptable: low cut dresses, skirts/dress with a side slit past the knee, heels greater than 2 inches, flip flops


  • Any clothing with holes or that are torn/ripped
  • Pajamas, slippers
  • Clothing worn in such a way as that undergarments can be seen
  • Sunglasses, bandanas, doo rags, hats
  • Any clothing; including outer wear that contains any logos advertisement, symbols, words, slogans, patches, or pictures, etc., that: refer to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons; are of a sexual nature; any clothing that denotes membership in gangs which advocate drug use, violence, or disruptive behavior by virtue of color, trademark, or other attributes; are obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, or legally libelous; political statements of any kind; threaten the safety or welfare of any person; promote any activity prohibited by the student code of conduct; otherwise disrupt the teaching-learning process

* The Leadership Team reserves the right to determine if items are acceptable or not.

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Please note that student schedules may change due to in-person learning. Remote learners can expect to spend more time on the computer than they have during fully remote learning.

We also cannot continue to accommodate a school wide lunch time due to space.

Lunches will be outside if the weather is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.


Please make sure your student brings their school issued Chromebook, charger, and headset to school every day. The Tech Support ticket system will remain the same even for those students who are doing in-person learning.

Please note that students may NOT bring a personal device into the school building. They will not be able to connect to our wifi network, and IT support is not available for personal devices.

If your child's VCS Chromebook is broken, the time to submit a ticket is now. The sooner we know about a broken device the sooner we can do something about it.

Daily Backpack Contents

Students who are returning for in-person learning should bring all school-issued materials with them daily.
  • Chromebooks, chargers, headsets
  • School-issued textbooks (Saxon, etc.)
  • Whiteboards & dry-erase markers

Other personal supplies that might be helpful (if you have need to go out and purchase them):

  • Pencils (mechanical if possible)
  • Individual pencil sharpener (if you don't have mechanical pencils)
  • Spiral notebook
  • Folders

Feel free to reach out to teachers to see if there are any other items.

Please note: only 9-12 students will have lockers. Cell phones (or other non-school-issued devices) are to be off and in lockers (9-12) or off and in backpacks (K-8). If a cell phone or non-school device is visible during school hours, the following procedure will be enforced:

  • 1st offense: The phone is confiscated by a staff member, and the student is able to pick up the phone after a conference with an administrator at the end of the school day.
  • 2nd offense: The phone is confiscated by a staff member, the student and parent/guardian will have a conference with an administrator, and the phone will be relinquished to a parent/guardian at the end of the school day.
  • 3rd offense: The phone is confiscated by a staff member, and will be held until the end of the semester or nine weeks, whichever is longer.

If students forget items at home...that is OKAY! Families...please do not bring forgotten items up to school. Proper accommodations will be made for students.

Morning Drop-Off

  • Pull all the way up in the carline before allowing your child to get out.
  • Do not talk or text on your cell phone while in the line.
  • Follow directions of VCS staff.
  • Remember to be patient as it has been a while since we've all done this.
  • Stay in your vehicle.

Afternoon Pick-Up/Carline

VCS will utilize an online dismissal system, PikMyKid. This system will allow parents to announce when they arrive in our carline. Students will then see on the screen in their classroom that their ride has arrived. The student(s) will then exit the building. This will allow for a smooth, socially-distanced dismissal. In order for this to work, all adults picking up a child will need to download the app to his/her cell phone. The directions for downloading the app are below.

If you can't get the app please be sure you place your child's car tag in the window with the three digit code so that we may enter it.

VCS Meals

As of right now, APS Nutrition Services will be providing FREE meals for the remainder of the school year! Yay!

Daily lunches are still available for all remote students, as well. Families will have to go to the back kitchen door on the east side of the building where the doc is to pick them up.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Virtual conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 25th.

K-4 Families:

  • Select ONLY ONE slot with your child's homeroom teacher.

5-6 Families:

  • Select ONLY ONE slot with your child's homeroom teacher.
  • Content teachers will provide notes to homeroom teachers to go over during your conference.
  • Should you need to speak with a teacher other than your child's homeroom teacher, please contact them directly to set up an appointment on another day.

7-12 Families:

  • Under normal in-person circumstances, we typically have all 7-12 teachers in one space, and families have the opportunity to wait in line to see any teacher they wish. In a virtual setting, it's impossible for all of our teachers to see every family of every student they serve on conference day.
  • Should you run into scheduling issues on conference day, please contact teachers directly to set up an appointment on another day.


Beginning Monday, April 5th, our students will join other students throughout Colorado in taking a set of state tests called the CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success). CMAS will be given to students in grades 3-8 in Math and English Language Arts. Students in grades 5, 8, and 11 will be completing the CMAS Science test.

The VCS testing window closes on Friday, April 30th. The tests are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards. These standards set our community’s expectations for what students must know to be ready for college level courses or a career after they graduate from high school. Families should know if their children are on the right path, and these assessments will provide an “academic checkup” to help us know if our students are ready for what comes next. These assessments also provide information to the district and state on how schools are performing.

We ask that you make a special effort to have your child (ren) to school on time every day as the assessments will begin soon after arrival. Listed below are important things students can do to help ensure they are ready each day to do their best.

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Come to school on time, every day.
  • Per state requirements, cell phones are not allowed in the testing environment. Secondary students must have their phones turned off and stored in their lockers. Elementary students must give their phones to their teachers to be placed in a secure location.
  • Do your very best.

Thank you for your assistance in our completion of CMAS testing.

According to Aurora Public Schools polices (adopted by VCS), IKA and IKAR, the parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the district may request that their child be exempt from participating in one or more state assessments.

Filling out the form below meets the requirements for our district and the Colorado Department of Education.

*If you are choosing this option, this form must be completed by Wednesday, March 24th.

CDE has allowed all remote students to be automatically exempt from CMAS testing this spring. However, you do have the option to opt your student IN to state testing if you choose.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Winner ( or Ms. Richardson (


9th and 10th graders will take the Colorado PSAT and 11th graders will take the Colorado SAT.

College Board partners use information from these test scores to expand access to various scholarships.

We encourage students and parents to explore an online help tool, Khan Academy, to prepare for these tests. Khan Academy gives students free personalized practice, including study and test-taking tips, six official full-length practice tests and a tailored

practice plan. Please visit

  • SAT (11th grade) April 13, 2021
  • PSAT (9th grade) April 14, 2021
  • PSAT (10th grade) April 15, 2021

Online Scholastic Book Fair 3/13-4/9

Our Book Fair is online and helps our students discover new books, favorite characters, and more! Every purchase earns our school rewards for much needed resources. Plus, shipping is free on book-only purchases over $25.

Thank you for instilling a love of reading and supporting our Book Fair!

Resources from the School Health Professionals

Medications & Immunizations

Hello VCS East Families...

This is the school nurse Ms. Buckman reminding you that if your child has medications needed at school or a health condition needing a health care plan from their physician, please drop them off at the school before they return to hybrid learning on March 22nd or March 23rd. Make sure all medications are properly labeled with your child’s name and prescription when dropping off and physicians orders signed.

Remember if you have not handed in your child’s UPDATED immunizations please send those to me or drop them off at the front desk. If you plan on excusing your child from immunizations, I will need an updated personal or medical exemption form filled out. All these forms can be downloaded below, filled out, and emailed to

Stay healthy, happy, and safe!!

Social Groups & Mindfulness Club


Safe2Tell Colorado gives YOU a safe, anonymous way to help someone who is struggling or hurting. Learn what to look for, what to listen for, and what to report.

COVID-19 Resources/Information

Quick Links

Are you having tech issues?

Submit tickets to

Our team will work to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to access student course schedules and to check grades and attendance.

Contact Ms. Torres, Ms. Zewdu, or Ms. Holtz for assistance at 303-338-4110.

Pay School Fees Online

You can now pay your school fees through our online platform of RevTrak. You can go to our website or click here to pay any school fees your child may have. We will only be accepting online payments for school fees at this time.


K-6 families...if you haven't already, click the button below to get up-to-the-minute communication from your child's teacher.

VCS East Events

Online Scholastic Book Fair

Saturday, March 13th, 8am to Friday, April 9th, 3:30pm

This is an online event.

Spring Break

Monday, March 15th, 7:30am to Friday, March 19th, 3:30pm


First Day of Spring

Saturday, March 20th, 12am


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, March 25th, 8am-7pm

This is an online event.

VCS Board Meeting

Thursday, March 25th, 6:30pm

This is an online event.

NO SCHOOL ~ Comp Day

Friday, March 26th, 7:30am-3:30pm