Brothers and Sisters for Education

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Help Children's Home Nepal with school supplies!

Innovative Social Centre 'My Brothers & Sisters in Nepal'

Fundraising Purpose

From Crowdrise:

The picture to the right is my sister, Kathryn, who, with another volunteer, is running the Crowdrise and is currently volunteering at Children's Home Nepal.


We are a couple of volunteers currently volunteering at a Children's Home in Nepal, run by Innovative Social Centre. Here, we are helping to care for 11 children, aged 7-13, who have been taken in by this amazing family and raised as their own.

Exactly one year ago as the result of the earthquake, our family had to move homes into a much smaller one that only has the bare minimum required for daily life. In the old house, the children had many rooms to play in and study in--luckily in this new one there is one room put aside for educational purposes, but with money being allocated into other needs such as food, clothing, and school payments, there isn't much left to make this room into what it could be.

We are raising money to make this room into a place that inspires studying and further education so the kids can make a better life for themselves once grown. We imagined a dry erase board hanging on one wall, a tool that all children can use for math problems and English spelling; we would love to be able to purchase more pens, copy paper, rulers, calculators, and some lap boards so when they're doing their work they don't have to bend to the floor. On the other walls, we pictured world maps to help with geography, hooks for backpacks, and chains to display artwork--they LOVE to colour and draw!

With help from all of you, we can make this a place that encourages them to want to learn with help from the tools we can give them.

If there is any money left over after the above, we want to buy one or two used computers. It is an important skill to know how to use a computer and we feel like these children deserve the chance to have an awesome future. Thank you for anything you can do to help us!!

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